Help! Lenten fast sin

I am somewhat new to Catholics and this is my first lent! To get to the point, I originally gave up two things for lent. But a week or so later, I had a spur of the moment and made a longggg list of things I was also going to give up. I’be been doing fine so far as not doing the two original things in my list, but the spur of the moment “give-ups” are really difficult for me. Yesterday, I broke one of the spur of the moment “give-ups”… have I sinned?

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Giving up things for Lent is a private devotion. You can do them or not do them. You can discontinue them. There is absolutely nothing sinful about not giving something up or deciding after you give it up to stop giving it up. Also it is not a good idea to go overboard one or two things are fine, you do not need to do a long list of things.


@1ke, thank you. This helps tremendously!

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@1ke is correct.

One more thing, advice from many priests over the years, do not set yourself up to fail. A long list is prone to just that.

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Only sin is if you were to eat meat on a Friday in Lent FULL WELL knowing it is a sin and choosing to do so regardless. Also when Good Friday comes around if you fall into the age groups that qualify eating more than one full meal FULL KNOWING it is a sin and choosing to do so regardless. Your other personal Lenten penances are between you and God.

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