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I am having a hard time locating a large print version of the Douay Rheims Bible, perchance do you know where I could obtain one for a reasonable price
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The Kindle app is free, you can then find many Douay Rheims Bibles for Kindle for $2 or less. You can then make the size as large as you need it.


I use the Laudate application which has the DR Bible within it. Large print is gonna cost extra, probably, for a real book. Maybe define “reasonable price” here, $60? $50? $10? $5?

Hopefully someone can help

Thanks all I appreciate the input. Probably $50 or less. Willing to pay more if have to I guess. I really need this translation in book format. I do have on phone now.

Softcover individual books for $3 here:

It appears this that the large print is out of print, you may check with TAN book.

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I can find DR Bibles in that price range, but the issue is the large print. Those are usually a bit more, more like $60-70 or so.

If you want a physical, printed book (versus kindle or some other electronic format): shop perhaps Baronius Press? A bit pricey, but high-quality. Not too many large-font editions out there…unless you want to search the used-book market.

[opening a can of worms here]

Why are you interested in only the Douay-Rheims version? I ask this because most editions in print (and out of print) claim to be Douay-Rheims are actually the Bishop Challoner revisions from the 18th century (and those continuing revisions of his text in the 19th century like MacMahon). You need to check the title page to see which translation is actually being billed.

If you want the “real” Douay-Rheims, good luck! You won’t find a printed version of it. Only the Challoner editions. You might find electronic versions of it…perhaps on if you’re willing to do the effort of sifting.

There are reliable, modern Catholic translations available.

So what is “wrong” with the Bishop Challoner version? Isn’t that the one that added commentary?

I just used it as a generic term that revision is fine with me. Thank you for your attention to detail.

I have the Baronius Press, Large Size edition, with hardback cover and it weighs about 4 lbs. Now it is selling in that size (7" x 10") with flexible cover.

Nothing wrong. I was simply pointing out that is a common error when folks use the terms “Douay-Rheims” and “Challoner-Rheims” as interchangeable. They’re not. We’re talking two completely different translations…almost like blurring the difference between the RSV & NRSV.

Excellent insight I appreciate it. I love learning about the Bible on many levels.


Have you seen this…

No but thank you, will definitely check it out now !

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