Help Me, Did I SIN


I lost my wife a short time ago and things have not been going well with that and health issues…That is no excuse to sin though !!! I state this because I have much worry and anxiety !!!

I went to Walmart a short while ago today and went to park my truck…There was a Ford minivan in the parking spot behind the one that I was trying to get into…
I went slowly in reverse and my back bumper hit or tapped the front bumper of the Ford minivan behind me…
Remind you I have in the past a while back confessed my sins and repented and try to live as Christ would want me too…I don’t always succeed , but I do try…

The driver of the parked 2-5 year old minivan was around 80 years old. I am 55…
After I backed into his bumper, I immediated panicked , got scared, and got out of my car…I have a Ford F 150 pick up…

the elderly driver of the minivan also got out and in a panic I said that out bumpers hit and everything is OK…As I was saying this, I did notice 1 and possibly 2 thin cracks on the corner of his bumper…He looked, said O K and got back in his truck…
Like a little kid , I left the parking spot for fear that he may write down my liscense plate tag #…If he was younger he may have looked closer at the bumper, and I do not know for sure if the small thin cracks were there from a previuos occurrence…

After I drove away, my conscience srarted to bother me, so I went back to the scene… The 80 year old deriver was still sitting in his van, waiting on someone in the store…I parked next to his van and made small talk that parking spots are hard to find. Then I said that we just tapped bumpers and all was O K …

I drove away and again feeling bad I went back a few rows from his van and a woman , maybe his wife or daughter, was putting the groceries in the van and I think they both looked at the front bumper…
Just before they pulled out, I pulled up next to him and jestured if he was pulling out…he nodded yes…I wanted him to see me again in case he wanted to complain or get my insurance information…He just waved and pulled out, however he being 80 I don’t know if he realized it was me…

I feel so lousy if I did cause the thin cracks to his bumper…He did look, but I think he was too old to notice,or maybe the cracks were there a long time…

Either way, I do not feel that I was completely Christlike in the way I handled it… I was trying to minimize the situation, which may indeed have been minimal, but I was also trying to get away with something that I may have done wrong…
Did I commit a mortal sin,and did I anger God >>>>



Ken… if the man and his passengers, all looked at the bumper, where the cracks were… but said nothing to you… didn’t ask you for your insurance info., etc. I would say you’re fine!

It sounds like you did everything you could, to stay in the area… and be present to them… if they decided they wanted your info. They didn’t ask you for it.

I would bet that those cracks were already there… and weren’t caused by the little bump into his car. Be thankful, that he was honest about it, and didn’t try to “hook” you into car repairs for damage, that you didn’t cause. I think you can relax. And God bless you, for YOUR honesty. But try not to let it turn into “scruples”. Voice of experience here. :wink:

God bless.


“One commits a mortal sin when there are simultaneously present: grave matter, full knowledge, and deliberate consent.” - Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

You said that the cracks were really thin (not a grave matter), and as far as you know they could have already been there.

You said that they were both looking at the front bumper when you came back the second time, he probably told his daughter what happened and they checked if there was serious damage. If they just calmly drove away after I don’t think that there is a reason to worry.

Even though he is 80, I think that if he is still able to drive he would be able to identify you if he felt the need to, so if he didn’t say anything when you came back, don’t worry.

I really don’t think that what you did was a mortal sin, and you are going through a lot personally so it’s normal if little things like this happen to you, don’t let it make you anxious.


Mortal sin separates you from God.

Mortal sin is saying NO To God in your life.

You have not done this, you are victim of scruples and an uninformed conscience.

**First, common sense, then spiritual sense. **

Common sense says this is a minor matter, a very, very minor infraction. First, you gave the fellow the opportunity to respond to you. Then you went back. So you took every opportunity to offer redress of wrongs. They didn’t respond, so you have fulfilled your moral duty here. Marycruz is right, this is not a grave matter, it was an accident, a small, inconsequential accident. You had no intention, no consent.

So take it easy on yourself.


A wise poster


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