Help Me Edit This Prayer


I authored the below communion prayer. This prayer will help keep me engaged at communion. Theologically speaking, do any of you see anything incorrect with this prayer. My main concern is with the bold word; would it be better if it were “God’s”, since Jesus is in communion with the Father? Also, keep in mind, that my diocease doesn’t have wine at communion.

“Jesus, my Lord, I know that your body, blood, soul, and divinity are present in this Eucharist. Guide and enable me according to** your** will.”

“St. Mary Magdalene, help me to be grateful for Jesus’s outpouring which I have just received.”


This prayer may not be original.


I think it’s fine from a theological standpoint. However, I would say, “Guide and enable me to follow Thy Divine Will for me.”

Just my thoughts! May God bless you! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I believe I will use your advice.


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