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Can public figures such as politicians who are openly pro-choice and pro-abortion receive communion? Isn’t that an act against the church’s teachings?

Carrying it one step farther… if such persons are allowed to receive communion why is a divorced catholic re-married and living a good, moral life, not allowed to receive communion. Seems like the lesser sin.

Catholic politicians that are pro-choice may not receive Holy Communion. A divorced and civilly remarried Catholic may not receive Communion either because they are in a state of mortal sin of adultery. If someone has not received an annulment from their first marriage and have romantic relationships with others, they are not leading a moral life because they are committing adultery.

I wouldn’t know all who are divorced and remarried without an annulment. Those I do know, usually come to Church at Christmas and Easter. I think part of the reason is they don’t want to sit when all go up to receive Communion. Years ago, MANY sat because they didn’t make it to confession on Saturday. Now it is different.

Now the pro-abortion people: the politicians come to mind who have not been excommunicated. Personally, I think they should be because of their position, they’re giving scandal when they go up to receive. My understanding is Katherine Syballus (sp?) was excommunicated by her local bishop but, when she moved to DC, she was under a different bishop and the excommunication doesn’t carry for some reason. :confused:

Because they have previously exposed their views regarding abortion, have given scandal, and have influenced others to support or have abortions, I think that it would only be right that if they confessed they’ve sinned, then they should give a public statement that they’ve changed their views.

I cannot imagine being the thought police and withholding the Eucharist from anyone. As a sinner, I’m not worthy to make that decision. :confused:

Then I would submit to you that you should go to confession and that maybe being a EMHC is not your way to serve the Church.

“Canon 915 Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.”

If someone is manifest in their sin and approach the Communion rail, they must be denied Holy Communion to protect Our Lord from grave sacrilege. It can also instill in the sinner a sense of their sinful state. As an EMHC, you have a duty to do this. It is not being a “thought policeman” when their sin is quite evident, as is the case of a politician publicly supporting abortion.

In all the years of going to my parish, I have never once seen ANYONE denied communion, this makes me wonder what is really going on now though. I think Im going to ask the head priest about this, as I know PLENTY of people in my parish that should definitely not be receiving it, Im not going to snitch and drop names, but maybe the priest just needs to be made aware of this.

thanks guys, I’m going to send these to my daughter…

She said a guy at the gym was asking her (and it means so much to her, also!!!)
She mentioned Nancy Pelosi and I remember reading something about it with her situation but I looked at 11 pages of questions on the subject and couldn’t find it. You have helped me and I thank you!


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