Help me find an audio bible for elderly who cannot read


Good evening people of CAF.

I am currently at my aunt and uncle's home. They are elderly, and my aunt is (if this is the correct word) illiterate. She cannot read, as she is from another country, and did not learn how to read. My elderly uncle does not like to read to her, and they do not own a bible. My grandmother when she comes visits from her country reads scripture and they do prayer. But my grandmother is leaving.

They just told us that they do not own a bible, and even if we were to get them one, she cannot read. They are native spanish speakers, and my mother and I would love to find them a Catholic audio bible in spanish. Favorably a physical set so they can play it in their home.

It is amazing how they keep their devotion, especially my aunt.

Please help us, and keep them in your prayers. She is also a diabetic.


It would probably be easier to find if you know Spanish or do a google translator conversion of your search into Spanish. But it may also help to contact some Catholic bookstores and ask them for resources since they should be familiar with publishers and suppliers.


These are a variety of standard English and Spanish versions. I personally enjoy the 'Max McLean' readings.


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