Help me find this tshirt

A couple of years ago, I saw a t-shirt at a conference with a quote by Pope John Paul II. It said something like, “The responsibility of every man is to protect the dignity of every woman.” I would love to find a source to buy a couple of these.

Sound familiar?

Why not speak with a local company that creates t-shirts for organizations/sports teams and have them make up some shirts for you with that quote. You can design the shirt as you please. I bet it would only cost about $12/shirt if you order around 10 of them (based on my experience ordering custom cotton t-shirts).

It is simple to have T-shirts made, you could get the paper and do them on your own printer!!

You will find the exact quote here (bold added):

  1. Christ, in the Sermon on the Mount, gives his own interpretation of the commandment, “You shall not commit adultery”—an interpretation constitutes a new ethos—with the same lapidary words he assigns as a duty to every man the dignity of every woman: and simultaneously (even though this can be deduced from the text only in an indirect way), he also assigns to every woman the dignity of every man.(1) Finally he assigns to every one—both to man and woman—their own dignity, in a certain sense, the sacrum of the person.
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