Help me fix my hair!


Hi everyone!

I need a makeover really badly! My friend wants to take me to the salon, but I’m not sure what I want to do with my hair. It’s been short for years - like pixie cut short. Then I started growing it out, and I want to keep growing it out, but I just don’t know what to do with it. It looks boring no matter how I style it. I’d love to do something wild, but my job has specified that teachers should have conservative hairstyles, so nothing too crazy. Here’s a picture of how it is now, and some ideas I’ve had. Anybody else have any inspiration, or know which ideas would look okay on me?

Concerns: I’m going to my brother’s wedding in two weeks, so I’d like it to be able to be style prettily.
I don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes on it in the morning, and preferably less. I prefer to shower in the mornings, too, so something that needs to be styled from dry hair is probably out.
I’d love to dye it, but nothing too wild.

This is me, taken on my webcam a few minutes ago. Sorry it’s a little grainy.

I think this might be do-able, but I’m not sure how much work it would be to maintain.

My friend loves this look - I’m not convinced my hair would do that!

And I love this look, but I don’t know how much work it would be.

Ideas? Opinions?


You look like me! :eek: I’ve been thinking of playing with one of those big monster clip things:
You might be able to do a few things with that, to get your hair out of your face and looking neat, but not to crazy. Layers is a simple, yet stylish look, too. I need to get a haircut soon myself, and that’s probably what I’ll end up getting.
Seriously, though, check out my ‘Discerning Makeup’ thread, there is a link to a picture of me in the first post, we look very similar!!! It’s scary!!! 0.0


Have you ever tried one of those volumizing diffuser attachments for the hair drier? If you just had a bit more volume and some layers, you’d probably have the look you want fairly easily.

A trick I learned to getting really good volume to my hair is to dry it in sections. When wet, I twirl up the top and put it in a clip, then twirl up the middle section and put it in a clip, and then start drying the bottom section first, then the middle and finish with the top. That way I get most all the moisture out and it doesn’t lay flat like it normally would. I also use a large round ceramic brush to dry it so I get a nice curl at the bottom (I have a simple undercut).

Have a great time at the wedding! I’m sure you’ll look great!


Hi JW!

If you google Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order–her latest long hair ‘do’ is what I ended up with. (remember my thread from a few months ago about getting my hair cut?) I finally did 2 weeks ago, and it looks pretty good. Not 100% like the pic, but I’m convinced no one here in Florida can cut my hair the way I like.:crying:

But, google her, and maybe you could get a shorter version of that? Her hair is below shoulders.


How brave are you?

You can go to a good salon, ask the stylist for suggestions and then go w/ what she thinks would look good (if the style meets your criteria).


Yeah, I was thinking about that. I’m just limited by my ability to describe hair (or understand descriptions of hair) in Korean. :rolleyes:

I suppose we could do it by looking at the magazines together, but frankly, I really hate the popular styles here.

A sampling of what Korean stylists might do to my hair:
(Hate hate hate!)


Go to the salon - go to a GOOD salon (not one of those mall super cuts places). The stylist can tell you what will work for YOUR hair type and the time you want to spend.

The three styles you showed, looks like all of them would require time with a flat iron, to get those bends.


Your photos didn’t show up on the first post… :confused:
Maybe it’s my work computer blocking images or something…???


Whoa ~ I didn’t notice you’re in Korea! Be careful!!! Do you have a good color printer? If so, then find a pic of the style you want, print it out and bring it with you to the salon. I personally wouldn’t wait till I got to the salon, and trusted the look I want would be in their magazines. It probably won’t!


This is a cute tool you may enjoy fooling around with.


Take one of the pictures you like to the salon with you.


You are, honestly, my twin. Hair and glasses and photo-taking expression. :smiley:

I had short hair last year–I tend to go crazy postpartum and whack it off (I think a law should be passed that prohibits hairdressers from working on any woman who is about to or has recently given birth!), and then regret it.

If you’re bored with your hair but don’t want to do something extreme, what about having some light bangs cut? I did this when my hair was growing out and I was bummed because it wasn’t a “style”. Cutting bangs (on me heavy bangs look better, but you might not prefer those) made my hair kind of pull together and look more like a style, even when i pull the rest back in a ponytail.

I’ve also found when i’m bored with my hair but don’t want to cut it short, just changing the color with a temporary hair color helps. My husband hates it when I change the color though. :shrug:

Remember, always remember, that celebrities and models with those lovely haircuts also have stylists whose job it is to make their hair look beautiful for that photo shoot. In everyday wear, those hairstyles would not look like that and would probably not be practical. Also, their face shape may be different from yours as well as their hair texture. I lesson I learned when I took a picture of Amanda Tapping (from Stargate SG-1) and asked to have her short cut. Ack.


Oh my gosh! You are going to be GORGEOUS in any one of those styles! Be brave, pick an excellent salon, take your pictures and have fun! You have a great face for all those medium length styles you picked. You must post a picture after you have it done.:slight_smile:


Hey! I think any one of those styles would look good on you, but as for maintainability and wearability, i think that the first one is the best bet. I think it would look good even if you didn’t have alot of time to spend on it, and probably wouldn’t need alot of product. that last 'do (while GORGEOUS, I agree) prolly needs a TON of pomade to get all piece-y and sexy-messy looking, if you know what I mean. the second look would be good, too, but I wonder if it’s deceptively simple looking and would take alot of grooming and upkeep at the salon.
Have fun, and I hope it all turns out good!


I’d definitely say those first pictures would be a good look on you! Lots of layers and swoopy bangs in front are a good look on most people, I think. Plus, it’s maintenence-free for the most part, and you can pump it up a little by using a curling iron or a blow-dryer and round brush to give it body and curl.

Of course, I’d be biased since I have the layers and swoopy bangs (I do have longer hair though - oh, and I’m Korean :wink: ).


I figured out what works best for my hair (before I permed it and now I just use Curl Creme).

I did this cut:

It’s actually one of those cuts that only requires a blow dryer and a barrel brush. Work a little Bed Head Rockstar volumizer into your roots, blow dry with you head upside down and VOILA! sassy fabulousness.


That picture was my fourth choice.

Actually, I’m wondering if I could get one cut and be able to style it to look like all of these styles - do you suppose it’s possible?

Get this cut:

and then it might look similar to this if I flat-ironed it:

And like this if I used tonnes of product:

And like this if I curled it:

Am I being too optimistic here?


I don’t really like the one above but that’s just me! Looks a bit more layered than the other two!

Hey, if you can get TWO great looks from ONE great haircut, you’re ahead of the game!


Different techniques will allow you to get different styles.

The Mandy Moore one doesn’t really have to be curled. Just scrunched a bit.


At the risk of sounding kinda dumb, how do you scrunch your hair? What products should I use? My hair is dead-straight normally - it only looks wavy when it’s trying to be messy. :rolleyes:

This is how I looked last summer, by the way. I can’t have my hair that colour now, but I wish I could. I always look better in the summer. I’m not a winter girl.

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