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Hey all,

At about this time last year I had a so-called “renewal of faith” (thats what I call it) where I was really into our Catholic faith and involved with the faith. Well, I’ve drifted away over the past year and now I want to come back, to expeirence what I felt last year.

I know there are tons of smart people here, so any ideas guys? If you need more back story/info let me know and I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance,
coolduude :cool:

Read the Bible everyday, read a prayer book everyday, join a prayer group or Bible study group…that’s what helps me keep my focus on Jesus with my busy life…Good luck and God bless you…

It may be that you don’t get that mountaintop feeling back, but don’t let that deter you. Keep praying, go to confession and receive communion as frequently as is practical, and stay close to the faith. I recommend reading the works of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, who had a major crisis of faith during her ministry.


Seek not emotions, for they change. Seek instead after union with Jesus Christ, especially in the Blessed Sacrament, and than you will be happy.

and adding to the above, say the Rosary every day and thereby enlist the special help of Our Blessed Lady to bring you back to the richness of faith. It works and all it needs is about 20 minutes a day.

God Bless, Rove

Hi coolduude,

Take a look at this reading for Day 4 (yesterday) taken from my thread for the ‘Preparation for the Consecration to Mary’ thread. I pray that it may strengthen you!

Join a group or find some people who are really excited about their faith. They will encourage you. When you hang out with people who are committed, you feel more like being committed yourself.:slight_smile:

-Watch EWTN or stream some audio off of their website or a radio station like Ave Maria radio online.

-Spend time before the blessed sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration, you may just find the gaps filling themselves in.

  • Keep browsing these forums to see the wonders that happen everyday when the faithful on here spread the truth.

First, understand that God’s truth does not depend on feelings. You may not feel God’s love, but that does not mean that it isn’t there. It is; and you may be experiencing what is often called a “dry spell” which, for some, is an honor-it’s proof of God’s trust in them!

But, after a spiritual renewal, one of these experiences is seldom welcomed; especially, if it’s the first one. The best idea would be, imo, to make use of all of your options:
You can go to mass every day-in some churches, on some days, more; see if there are any other activities you can join-prayer groups, Bible studies, or other activities for learning and experiencing; also, it;s important to read the Bible, and other holy books, and avoid literature that can feed your nonspiritual side.
Get to know other people in your church-it’s a community, after all. Maybe talk to someone who seems lonely, or even doubting their faith-it always feels good to be appreciated.
If you have any doubts about your original renewal, speak to your priest; he can reassure you about what you’ve done right, and advise you on anything that might have been wrong.
Anyhow, we’ll be praying for you, and, like I said, don’t rely on feelings-if you find you’re being faithful in your church attendance, really listening to what is said and done in the church, and feeling at home with other Christians, you’re most likely doing the right thing; if you’re, likewise, uncomfortable with sin, and near occasions to sin you can be assured that you’re a child of God, even if you don’t always feel it.

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