Help me I don't know where to serve

Hi there! I want to ask a piece of advice to all of you on what Parish I should serve.
So here is my story…

For a very long time, I think that it is my vocation to be an altar server. So I became an altar server at my school. I help and serve during school masses. So now I want to expand my service to the church by serving in a Parish. But there is a problem. We don’t go to Masses in our very own Parish. We go to another Church for Mass every Sundays and holy day of obligation. Do you think that they would accept a server from another area or shall I say a Parish?

What are your opinions?

God bless!

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No one here can answer this for you. Ask whomever is in charge of the servers at the parish where you attend. It’s not unusual that non-parishioners serve at Mass, but you’ll have to ask.



Ask and you shall receive. Will the answer be “yers” or “no”? You have only to ask.


You need to call the Parish Office and ask to speak with the coordinator of altar servers. In some parishes this is a priest or deacon, in others it is a sacristain or a staff member or a lay volunteer.

They will tell you what the requirements are for serving.

If you are not attending Mass at your parish, how would you be there to serve on the Altar?

We have servers who have moved to another town for school who come back and serve when they visit home. You simply need to ask at the parish where you are known.


It depends on the people organising the altar servers and on the Parish priest. My parish has a number of altar servers from other parishes and occasionally a deacon from another parish takes part in the Ministry.

When I was 11, my family moved home and we were in one parish but a different parish church was nearer. We went to the nearer one and I served there. However, when the parish priest found out where we lived, he told us to go to our own parish church. That was in the 1950s and I think his breed have died out.


They are few and far between in the US Midwest, at least, but not entirely gone. I went back to visit my “home parish” of my youth a while back (12-ish years ago) and almost fell over when their pastor told me I never should have been there ever. Matter-of-factly, as if I had sinned by loving that parish so much in my teen years, and the pastor I had way back then was somehow wrong for allowing my presence.

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Parishes are real, geographical places and everyone lives inside a boundary. You are free to visit, attend, get on the mailing list at a different parish, however, you still are an official member of the parish where you live.

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As a child I attended the neighbouring parish, I served in the church I went to, my siblings served (and still serve) in the one we actually live in, the priests in both parishes were fine with that, even on the odd occasion my brother served at my adopted parish with me, as “my” priest put it “God doesn’t care where you live, he cares that you want to serve him.”

Some of my siblings are off at uni these days but serve in their cities and when they come home they serve at home. Just ask, worse they can say is no but unless there are a lot of servers already I doubt they will.

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