Help me in the morality of this

I was just starting playing, lets call it an educational video. It turns out, to my surprise that there are stills of unsimulated sex in this video :mad:. Yet, the video is not labelled as pornography and indeed the intent of the video is not sexual entertainment.

Now, although I struggle with sins of impurity, I know that I could go through this few troubled seconds without lusty eyes, or at least cover my eyes in case of lack of control. But I paused the video as I am unsure about the morality of keep watching it.

In any of these situations would it be morally wrong to keep watching?

Some of this would depend on what you are watching and why. What is the purpose of the educational video? Biology?

If these images are meant to tease out sexual feelings/activity then yes. However, even if they are, if you popped the video in thinking it was an innocent, nonconsequential biology video and did not know it had these images you cannot be said to have acted wrongly.

Now, you did cay you have issues with sexual impurity. I would, having the same problems, stop watching. You don’t want to put yourself in the near occasion of sin. Even some rather subdued images can stir up temptation in me.

Do whatever you need to, to avoid getting into sin. I love the “Twilight” series. Anyway, I go through something similar. There are some scenes that I believe are too risqué. What I do if it’s on DVD is that I do whatever I think I need to …to see the movie but where I feel it keeps me out of temptation.

Personally, I generally skip the scenes that are risqué, do like a fast forward to the clean scenes.

In fact, I heard some games have the option to have same-sex endings, now. I wish movie makers and such would give us an option to give people like us a rated “G”, “P” version of the movies, games, etc., so that we could all be happy!

Thank You guys for the great advice. I decided to not watch. While the intent of the video is non-sexual, I can’t be in peace with unsimulated explicit content. Better safe than sorry. Thanks

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