Help me know who this Saint is

I remember being a kid and watching a movie at school and I’m just curious about who the saint in the movie was about and there is a chance that this isn’t a saint at all but I assume it was since I went to a Catholic school and the movie (a cartoon) was set a long time ago. In the movie this boy got given a horse and then there was this slave auction and he didn’t have the gold or silver needed but he was very upset about this boy being put up for auction that he offered all the gold or silver he had and his horse for the enslaved boy. The boy after he was sold I think asked what he could do for him and the boy did not treat him as a slave but as an equal to free him. Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas.


St. Nicholas?
Did it look like this?

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Can you remember anything else? Anything about the setting? Time period? Kingdom/country? Do you know how old the movie is? Or about how many years ago you were a child watching it?

I’d say St. Nicholas is a great guess considering the Black Pete legend attached to him.

Yes thank you so much I looked up a clip and found the exact scene I was thinking of! I had a hunch it was him but I couldn’t find anything saying he ever freed a slave so I thought it must’ve been someone else.

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Oh I remember that cartoon! I used to watch it at school too!! There was that one (St. Nicholas), a Fatima one, a St. Patrick one, and maybe a few others I can’t remember. Those were my favorite!

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