Help me name my new Women's Group!


I’m not sure if this ? belongs here or not, but DH and recently joined a new parish. We really like it and DD is attending the school. I am interested in starting a “Women’s group” at this church. It seems to me that so many of my protestant friends have these sort of ministries in their churches, so why can’t we? I’m proposing to the priest that this be a group of women who get together weekly for short prayer time, maybe a cooking demo for new recipes, sharing of tips and ideas to make the home more spiritual- I don’t know! Just about anything I guess. Do you have something like this, and if so, what takes place? I guess I’m looking for a “mission” for the group so I can convince the priest that we’re not just getting together for nothin’! thanks-twk


Have you looked into starting a Catholic Women’s League?

We don’t have a women’s group. We tried to restart the CWL but no matter how much the Bishop wants it, only one or two women do and that’s not enough. I guess most of us socialize in our own particular clique, that may or may not have anything to do with church, and don’t feel the need for anything more.


We have a MOMs group, which I don’t attend since I’m not a mother and a Society of Catholic Women group. Most meetings are during the day and I work, so I don’t get to attend many meetings. The group has several charities they sponser and some of the meetings have speakers.


Our Parish has a very active CCW. I thought evey Parish had one :slight_smile:

There is also the ladies auxiliary for the Knights

You might look at existing programs, and see what will work at your Parish.


Okay- so the person in charge thinks it’s a dandy idea for me to start up a women’s group in our new parish! I’m really excited. Please help me think up some catchy name for the group! Our church is St. Elizabeth and we’ll be a women’s group (this will probably include moms, widows, singles, etc.). thanks for all your brilliant ideas! twk


If you are not a part of CCW (or even if you are), how about Women at the Well, like the story in the Gospel where Jesus talked with the Samaritan woman?


Mary and Martha Circle?


I love this!!! :thumbsup:



My mom used to take me to meetings for something when I was really little… I think it was called Mothers in Christ. The moms sat around and prayed the rosary while I played with the other kids in a room nearby, and then we joined them to sing songs at the end.
…But I guess if you’re thinking of a group for singles, mom’s and widows, maybe Mothers in Christ wouldn’t work. :blush:

In that case I agree with Phemie - the first thing that came to mind was the CWL.


How about “Sisters in Christ” or something else that brings in the idea of being sisters? Or maybe people would be confused thinking it was for Religious? I kind of like “Soul Sisters”.


Why thank you! It is not exactly original, as there is a women’s group in our area named Women of the Well- and they call themselves WOW. I like Women at the Well better.


If you’re going to start or one I’d suggest Women of Grace ( It’s an excellent Catholic program for women.

Avoid MOMS (Ministry of Moms Sharing). You can look up a review of it on Nothing Catholic about it in my opinion. . There is some feel-good stuff in the program, but when I took it I found very vague references to Christianity, nothing notably Catholic, New Age tendencies, they called a poem a “Psalm”, and recommend books/authors by people known to dissent from church teaching. The recent rating by Catholic Culture confirmed my suspicions.


My girlfriends and I started one and we call ourselves “God’s Handmaids”.

We get together on Saturday mornings once a month to read scriptures and wiritings of the popes and in general just talked about our experiences and being women. Great fellowship time.


I was in a support group once…for female full time youth ministers in our area (lots of em). It was an official facilitated group by a counselor.

We called ourselves PMS

peer ministry support


prayer & bible group at former parish, mostly women between 40-60, was called the Women at the Well.


Hi, recently have started to meet with these types of groups in both Protestant and Catholic churches with my novel, Woman Redeemed…so, here’s what I’ve seen that might help you out : names: Women of Faith, Women and Wine, Women of Prayer, Faith Book Club, just plain Women’s Group, Community of Women…these are the names I remember…one thing I found that a few of them do that I liked was that as we talked, shared faith, we did something for charity. The group at my own parish makes prayer shawls for Confirmation students, widows, new moms, etc. I’ve seen a group who puts together a meal for a local shelter while they talked, and I’ve seen others who make rosaries while they share…just some thoughts - good luck with your ministry!


We have the CWL in our parish, bu I somehow think CWL is only in Canada.
Even though I have been a member for the last 4 years, I have only attended 1 mtg and 2 feast day masses and get-togethers.
However, I do always make things for the bakesales and help out at the parish picnic. Of course there are always the prayer requests…



IMHO, I would be a bit off put by a group called “Woman at the Well”. It would seem, by name, to be an outreach to women who have fallen away from the Church by entering into invalid marriages.



Well, you’re entitled, but it was “Women at the Well”.

Why not just call it the St. Umteefratz Women’s Group?:shrug: “Women’s Group” is pretty non-commital to any one group, nobody has bring up their marriage satus at all.

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