Help Me Out! Illinois Governor Race!


My husband and I are so discouraged. Both of our gubernatorial candidates are icky.

If you are unfamiliar with Illinois politics, please read the article, which does a pretty good job of summing up the issues for Christians. It’s not a simple situation, I assure you, and I hope that my post doesn’t give you the impression that I’m a “one-issue” voter.

I know that Mr. Pritzker is a tax-and-spender, which I abhor (and which will cause even MORE people and businesses to leave Illinois). But Gov. Rauner lied to a Cardinal! I just can’t get past that for the sake of lower taxes and spending (which he hasn’t delivered anyway).

Both candidates are pro-choice by their own admission.

I am tempted to do a write-in for Jeanne Ives, the Conservative, pro-life, anti-new taxes Republican who ALMOST upset the incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner, in the primary. But it would be a waste of vote. She won’t garner even one percent of the votes.

There is a “Conservative” candidate running, but again, it would be a wasted vote. And Speaker Madigan would make goulash out of him if by some amazing miracle, he actually got elected. (Could only happen if the two front-runners had to withdraw for some reason).

Any ideas, other than a lot of Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets? I’m really stumped as to what to do?

BTW, not voting is NOT an option for me. I am a citizen of the State of Illinois. I love my state, and I think that the Lord expects us to be good citizens and carry out our responsibilities, which include voting. But WHO?!


I was going to stay away but now that you mention third party, I’m thinking third party.

There was no reason for Rauner to fund abortions. This is a whole lot worse than merely keeping abortion legal IMO. According to My local paper, abortions have increased fourfold since Jan and most of those seeking abortions are out of staters.


Do you mind if I ask which Third Party candidate you are thinking about voting for? Thanks.

I just hate to throw my vote away. :frowning:


I don’t know the specifics of your state, but in general, voting for a third party who has no chance of winning this election is not a wasted vote. Such votes raise the visibility of the minor candidate so they might be a major candidate later on. Think long term.


It should be. If you find both candidates for office to be morally objectionable, not voting should be a viable option. You could vote 3rd party, but what’s the point when no 3rd party candidate has a viable chance to win?


I don’t believe that voting third party is throwing your vote away. If you really feel that both top picks are icky, then write in your preference. Too many people think that voting third party is a waste, but if more people did this it would make a difference. It’s why i found a third option in the presidential election of 2016. Both Trump and Clinton were unpalatable to me, so I voted third party. My choice may not have won, but I slept well having followed my conscience


Pritzker is very liberal and wants a progressive income tax, that is, higher rates for higher incomes. This would require a state constitutional amendment.

I have strong doubts such a measure could, first, pass the Legislature with a 3/5ths vote and gain approval of 3/5ths of Illinois voters. However, the debate alone will keep the red flag flying high to entrepreneurs that Illinois is “closed for business.”

Based on this I would write in the Republican runner up.

I am usually against third party candidates. Most of the time. I voted for Trump almost exclusively because I didn’t want HRC nominating any more SCOTUS judges. A vote for a third party candidate would truly have been a waste of valuable opportunity. In this Illinois case, I think there is more value to sending a message by voting third party. Contact the state party and let them know why you are voting the way you will. Let you them know accept the consequences, but the betrayal on the abortion bill was a deal breaker for you.


Listen to the new prophet Donald, and vote accordingly.


They are bothbpro-abortion, so that makes no difference.

I would consider the actual likely results of each of their proposals, including the likelihood of the proposals’ getting through the legislature and consider which is a greater danger to the state and vote for the other.

If the two toprunners seem to promise about equal amounts of danger to the state, then vote for the best 3rd party candidate.


The damage has been done. Try reversing abortion funding not only for your state but for anyone outside your state seeking a free abortion.


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