Help me out - Marian feast days!

Hi everyone- Im a bit confused about Marian feast days, in particular. I am very interested in “our lady of peace” and note her feast day is on january 24th. However, I have a list of “official” Marian feast days, and this is not included?

Also, I see there is no official feast day for Our Lady of Mercy (though- as with Our Lady of Peace - one website has a dedicated day…)

What are the implications/practices of honouring a feast day that doesnt seem to be “official”?


Not all feasts are on the universal calendar. A particular feast might only be celebrated in a particular country or area, another feast or liturgical day make take precedence, or it may be an optional memorial.

You can do whatever private devotions you choose.

The main “implication” if a feast is not universal or another feast or day takes precedence is that it isn’t celebrated liturgically.


Some feasts are on the national calendars or for particular congregations, such as Our Lady of Mercy, September 24.

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There’s an official day for Our Lady of Mercy - Sept. 24. She is celebrated in certain countries, and also by Mercedarians. I sometimes attend a Mercedarian parish and they have an entire novena to her around the time of her feast.
She also probably gets at least a mention at Mass on or around her day at parishes named “Our Lady of Mercy”.

If you want to honor a feast day that isn’t being celebrated liturgically in your area, but is celebrated by some other country or religious order, etc. then you can say whatever private prayers you want on that day. One usual way to do it is to pray the Collect for the feast day, which can often be found on the web somewhere. Catholic Culture and Liturgia Latina websites have a lot of collects.

“Official” is a troublesome word here because it means different things depending upon context and who you’re asking. I highly doubt there’s any one single list of all Marian feasts approved by the Church (that’s the word I think you want: “approved”). As noted above, the approved feasts can be regional or have different degrees of solemnity in different places and may/may not appear on all calendars.

As usual, the others here have given better advice than I could have. :grin:

On the Byzantine calendar, almost every day has a commemoration of Our Lady of one of Her icons.

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Here’s a nice list of Marian feasts. Most of them are local but I think they met the goal of having one for every day of the year, except February 29 in leap year is left out.

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I think it may have helped if you had posted a link to or cited this list. I have never encountered a list of ‘official’ holy days in honour of Our Lady. If it were to include them all it would indeed be very long.

There are numerous holy days in honour of Our Lady. They are not all found in the General Roman Calendar. They are found, too, in particular calendars of countries, dioceses, religious orders and congregations, etc. There are also differences between the calendars of the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms.

I am not sure any ‘official’ list of all Marian holy days exists. As another poster has said there are a great many approved Marian feasts.

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