Help me pick my saint!



I am nearing the end of my RCIA journey and I am in need of a patron saint. Here is some helpful information about me…

I am 25 years old, married, and live in Texas. I am converting from the Baptist church. We have not had a Catholic in our family for close to 300 years.

I am a high school teacher.

I am interested in contemplative prayer and Eucharistic devotion. I am huge fan of St. Augustine, St. Anselm, and Thomas Merton.

I am a goofy guy. I love to read, cook, play video games, and love trivia. I like to talk philosophy and politics. I sometimes battle depression and a general feeling of powerlessness.

I was thinking about someone like St. Benedict.

Thank you for your help!


St. Benedict would be a great choice.

I chose Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, but have a strong commitment to the way Augustine changed his life and sometimes wish I had chosen him. All the same I am happy with my decision because Nicholas was truly a great man. Here is more info about him

Also, you can find a list of Saints at this website; take a look.



St. Benedict seems like a good choice. What I reccomend that you do is to get yourself a book of saints, and read up on their lives. Pray to some that are especially striking to you, and sort of let them pick you. That’s how I picked my saint, Joan of Arc. (my name on this site, Jeanne, is after her)



Hi! Welcome to the Church, and good luck on your endeavor to choose a patron saint! :slight_smile:


St. Francis of Assisi!!! Not picking him as your patron saint is an automatic ticket to HELL!!! I AM JUST KIDDING!!! :smiley:

I love Saint Benedict…excellent choice! :slight_smile:


Pick the one who’s name you already share. Johns can pick any of the saints with that name, Peters, pick Peter. Or find a Saint whose name you like, then read about that Saint. Good luck.:harp:


How can I resist plugging my patrons?

St. Pascal Baylon: Patron of Cooks, and a great admirer of the Blessed Sacrament, and he loved to debate theology (most famously against a Calvinist, and especially apologetics for the Blessed Sacrament). All his life he had a great love for The Blessed Sacrament, and our Blessed Mother. After his death, his relics were encased in glass in a Church. During the elevation of the host, his eyes opened. Also, his relics are known to ‘knock’ when the devout are adoring the Blessed Sacrament. Some say if you have a life-long devotion to St. Pascal, he’ll send you ‘knocks’ a few days before you die so you have time to receive Last Rites.

St. Joseph: Foster Father of Our Lord, how can men have a greater intercessor? A model husband, father, and pious man he unquestioningly obeyed God; taking Mary as a wife and fleeing to Egypt without question. He died a very holy death, in the presence of Our Lord and Our Lady.


I like your tastes!

Ever since buying my St. Benedict crucifix, I must admit that my interest in contemplative prayer and monasticism has increased doublefold! I don’t currently consider St. Benedict a patron, but I’m starting to get there!

Why not check out saints such as St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. John of the Cross, St. Bonaventure, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Antony of Egypt, , St. Mary of Egypt, St. Mary Magdalen, and St. Martin of Tours (among others)? All of these are related in some way to the contemplative life!


I am going to study up on St. Pascal Babylon. My name is Aaron, btw.


These look fantastic. Thank you so much!


My name is Aaron. Any suggestions?


Aaron is a saint already. St. Aaron the Levite. :slight_smile: His feastday was traditionally July 1.

There are three monk or bishop St. Aarons, one of whom is also honored on July 1:

But of course you are also free to pick any saint that appeals to you.


Not only are you free, but it’s* so much cooler *to have the priest address you as “Benedict” or “Martin” or even “Mary” rather than your own name during the Vigil. :D:p


Thank you all for your help. I went with St. Benedict of Nursia.


How about this one ? You mention depression, & he is anything but depressing; he is a very powerful cure for it :). And it is the understatement of the last two millennia to say he had a devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

Why stop at one when you can have more ?


Congratulations!! :slight_smile:


You remind me a lot of my boyfriend! He is converting to Catholicism from the Baptist faith this Easter Vigil as well. :slight_smile: He’s also goofy, likes to read, plays video games, is in college to be a high school math teacher, and sometimes struggles with feelings of depression. What a coincidence!

Welcome to the Church! :slight_smile:


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