Help Me! (please) Consintrate on Prayers!


Hello to all! My family prays the rosary all most everyday, but I kind of drift off. How do I start not drifting off???:crying: :banghead:


Pray to your guardian angel first. Tell him you are entrusting your attention to him, and it his his duty to make sure you don’t drift off. Should you still happen to drift off, inform him that it is now his responsibility to fnish the prayer and obtain its graces for you because he slacked off.

I thought this was nuts when my friend first suggested it to me, but it really works.



Thanks! I’ll try it.:slight_smile:


I used to have this on my bulletin board, but then we moved and I’ve misplaced it. I can’t remember the exact wording, so I’ll just do my best:

"Something to Think About…

If, during prayer, you do nothing but bring your mind back from distraction, even if you have to do it again and again, it was time well spent" Thomas Aquinas

You get the idea, but…
Can anybody provide the exact quote???


A few months ago I also started asking my guardian angel to protect me from temptation and distraction as I pray (a friend told me to try this). It really does make a difference! I also ask for the intercession of St. Michael to defend me from the enemy and invite Our Mother Mary to pray with me and for me.

More of a practical note; I try to have pictures in my mind of each mystery of the Rosary as I pray and meditate. Sometimes I even have a prayer book with pictures to help me focus.


Ditto what Didi said.

Pictures help be regain focus quickly.


I think the Rosary is meant to be a mantra – I don’t think “drifting off” is necessarily a bad thing, you just need to try to drift off to the mystery being contemplated.

To help with this, I have been thinking recently of creating a “picture Rosary” – either a picture for each mystery of the Rosary, or possibly a picture for each Hail Mary, either by searching the internet for pictures or making them myself. They could be pictures of great works of art, or pictures clipped from a newspaper. They wouldn’t even necessarily have to be obviously religious pictures. For example, a picture of the sky with some really cool clouds for the Ascension, a picture of a person weeping for a loved one for “Jesus Carries the Cross”, etc.

You might look on EWTN’s website if you’d rather just purchase something in the meantime.

If you’re just rattling off the prayers in the Rosary without “drifting off” into the mysteries, you’re missing out.


First, if you have EWTN available to you why don’t you ask your family to pray the Rosary with them.

Every day at 3:30 p.m. the International Rosary is prayed and on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. the beautiful “Rosary for Life” with the holy Father Joseph. Then on Sunday another Rosary is prayed - called Mysteries of the Rosary.

All of these television versions have pictures and art and one can concentrate on the Mysteries of the Rosary by watching the screen.

I also pray the “Scriptual Rosary” and have a small book wherein there is a scriptual verse for each Hail Mary. This is very helpful in keeping you on track.

In any event, I will pray a Rosary for you today and ask the Holy Spirit to help you in your prayer life.:gopray2: :signofcross:


If you were to read St Therese’s life you would find she sometimes had distractions even during thanksgiving after Communion. so she would try to make up during the rest of the day. If she had distractions about people she would ask God to turn it into prayer for them. I do too. And my thoughts wander sometimes/often during Rosary.

Jesus, please help this person to be able to concentrate more on either the words, or on thoughts of the mystery under meditation, if not both. Draw this person deeply into Your love.

Bless you for your good intentions! Be at peace…Trishie


I will pray for you. There was a reading in last Sunday’s service, I just can’t remember where I put it. The Angels will complete your prayers.



May I suggest asking the Holy Spirit to illumine a guide your spiritual journey?
Then find some inspirational reading that captures your interest and sparks your spiritual flame.
We all have dry spells, and sometimes need a little outside help.

I will be praying for you.


I’m praying for you now. I have found that if I concentrate on the mysteries and picture it, then I don’t lose my concentration.


Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord is with Thee,
Blessed are Thou among women
Blesses is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary Mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Romans 8, 26

NAB Study bible

“In the same way The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness, for we do not know to pray as we ought, but The Spirit Itself intercedes with inexpressible groaning.”

Keep praying the Rosary


I have the same problem when I pray. The only place I can really concentrate is when I’m at church. Otherwise, I drift off, fall asleep, you name it.

God, please help us!



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