Help me please I hurt my mother

one morning I was in my pc my mom was telling me to get off and go do something like watch TV for an example so I told her I was watching TV on my pc then she said watch TV on the living room then I said “fine but can you give me a minute?” Then seriously she broke the PC and I was so stressed and sad she told me what happened because I was stressed I yelled at her and cussed at her but like I didn’t mean to because I felt like evil coming out of me and I was like in my head “what does she mean what happened? She just broke something I paid for all that data gone” then I cussed at her uncontrollably and she was crying I pray to God to forgive me because he would punish me for this but I pray and begged for him not to and I’m nervous that he won’t forgive me and he will send me to hell :weary: I also said sorry to me mother and she forgives me but I’m so nervous if god hates me and I’m so nervous if Jesus won’t allow me to rise up in heaven do you think Jesus will save me because it says he died for my sins and I really do believe in him we are living in a time where people don’t really have faith in Jesus anymore you think they will forgive me? :sob:

Yes, Jesus will forgive you. Remember that He asked His Father to forgive those who were killing Him! so of course He will forgive you if you apologize to Him.

Make an Act of Perfect Contrition ( (This does not mean you can avoid Confession if ever you commit a mortal sin.)

Right now you are focused on fear of going to Hell, but what you need to do going forward is to learn to trust (hope in) Christ and to love Him, so that you will feel bad more about offending this wonderful Person than you worry about Hell.

Talk to your priest; he ought to be able to help you start this process.

Jesus loves you, Pure. Remember 2 Peter 3:9…He is longsuffering towards us and not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. We have ALL fallen short of the Glory of God, but I know my Lord forgives and redeems us. Ask him to forgive you, Pure, and work on continually becoming a better, more loving and merciful person. Continue to pray and ask the Lord to guide you. Remember Matthew 5:7 for “Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown Mercy”. Your mother has forgiven you. Let the Lord forgive you.

At least, now you know, deep inside, deep within, that your brave mom -
wants you to NOT close yourself in, like a prisoner, with a PC - B.S.
You placed all your stupid hopes in a hypnotic PC ?
Detach from the PC. Go without it for the entire month of SPRING -
as a true sign of repentance…

One of GOD’s ten commandments is to respect your mom and dad.


Your Mom and you both did things you shouldn’t, because you were both upset. Both acted out of temper because you didn’t get what you wanted.

Your mother wants you to be in the family area more often, as part of the family, and that’s fair enough. When you leave home to start your own life there will be far less time, ever again, that you can spend with your mother.

She shouldn’t have broken your PC. There are ways to recover data. So l hope you can afford to do that, with the PC you saved up for.
I’m sure she’s sorry, but she needs prayer as much as you do, we’re all just human beings and most of us do things we regret.

You’ve said sorry to your mother (and I can understand why you were so angry, just as God will, but say sorry to Him too).
It’s a learning experience. Resolve to spend some time with your family each day. Of course you want quiet time by yourself too. I have to myself. But allow some family time too, and if you don’t already, do kind things or offer to help occasionally so your mother isn’t so fearful of losing you while you’re still at home. She’ll miss you terribly when you do leave home.

Of course you’re shocked at how extreme your language was, but part of that was shock at your mother’s destructive act.

God’s not going to condemn you, but He may want you to consider your mother more in how you spend your time at home, balancing alone time with family time.

You’re obviously good at heart, and God sees our hearts.

I hope you can recover your data, and I hope that your PC will be replaced.
God bless you and God bless your mother


It sounds like your mother needs to see her doctor and get some help with her temper. Breaking a PC isn’t normal behaviour even if your own behaviour wasn’t perfect. You shouldn’t have cussed at her but equally you shouldn’t have to manage a parents mental health.


Our Lord said to St. Faustina “ ‘Oh how much I am hurt by a soul’s distrust! Such a soul professes that I am Holy and Just, but does not believe that I am Mercy and does not trust in My Goodness. Even the devils believe in My Justice, but do not glorify My Goodness. My Heart rejoices in this title of Mercy.’” (No. 300)“

Remember that He died for you. He loves you deeply and knows you are sorry for what happened. Three important steps to take from here are

  1. If you are Catholic, go to confession :slight_smile: . It’s the sacrament of mercy, where all of that will be washed away by His blood and tears. Once confessed, you can trust your sins are forgiven if you didn’t leave anything out on purpose.

  2. If you’re not Catholic the next best thing is to go to your pastor. Though they aren’t able to absolve sins like Catholic priests, he can help ease your conscience and give you good advice.

  3. Try your best not to do it again. You sound like a sweet person. I can tell you love your mom so I’m sure you’ll try your best.

Good luck and trust that Our Lord is good and wants to forgive you more than you want to be forgiven.

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If you are a minor, you need to speak to another adult in your life about the incident. They can give you perspective we cannot online. If you are not a minor you need to work on moving out.

Normal adults do not just smash up computers because they want you to watch TV with them.

As a note, if you are a minor, please let us know. If this is the case the thread should be locked and you should get some face to face help. The circumstance you describe sounds rather grave, and not from your behavior.


Any computer technician can retrieve your data from the old hard drive.

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The OP did not indicate if the hard drive itself was smashed. Very few companies can get data off of smashed hard drives.

Since smashing a hard drive is not an easy task, I would presume it to be intact. They are quite durable and shock resistant.

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Maybe solid state drives or drives in desktops.


Laptop drives aren’t encased and have rather fragile components. Most laptops are made of fairly thin plastic these days. A cheap laptop’s hard drive being smashed is not improbable.

I agree with the posters that there is something wrong with your mother if she thinks it is okay to break her child’s property. Even if you live under her roof, you paid for it, so it’s not her property. And it would be wrong for parents to break electronics they paid for and gave to their kids instead of selling, recycling, or donating it. It is an act of vindictiveness and teaches the child nothing other than to not feel safe around their own parent. Please get help about your mom or move out.

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I’m imagining the hard drive in my mind and I can assure you it’s not broken. :computer:

LOL you SO crack me up!!! :rofl:

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The Old Colonel cracked up a long time ago. :sunglasses:

Let’s wait till the OP chimes back in again…We don’t know the whole story yet, and I’m sure there is more to tell…

Hopefully, you are still out there, Pure…A little more info might clarify things, instead of a quick rush to judgment about all of this on our parts…

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“She broke the PC” does not necessarily translate to "out of temper, she smashed somebody else’s property’.

It could be that she tried to shut off the PC and accidentally deleted data, ‘translation’, oh I’m sorry I broke it. Or got the blue screen o death. Or she was trying to physically move it and dropped it.

From the OP’s post, I really got absolutely no indication that the mother 'deliberately smashed the PC", so I’m kind of surprised that seemed to be the take on what was said!

I am just adding to what others have said. … Yes, God will forgive you; He just hates the sin. And indeed Jesus died for our sins.

Having said that, more importantly is for look for the things to come. In your case - a sincere reconciliation with your mother has to take place. Sin has its effect even after all is forgiven. It only means that you will not have the burden of your sin but its effect (on your relationship) will neverheless can make you vulnerable.

Do make substantial effort to restore your relationship with your mother. Your altercation with her, which had no doubt damage it to some extent, will be able to rear its head again should similar incident happen in the future.

Take cognizance of her concerns and what she does not want of you, which you do anyway. Building relationship with parents should not be taken for granted but it is something that has to be built. Do not retaliate trangression with something similar in kind.

Have a blessed Lent.

That’s a fair point. The situation still sounds very dysfunctional though. Most young people have minor disagreements with parents without the situation descending into this.

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