help me please

I feel I want to pray a different type of prayer than the one I always pray ( Pray to God , Divine Mercy , Rosary… etc )

Can anyone help me (or share with me ) a way to pray which is new or special , maybe a one that is so mystical and was recommended by a saint


Have you ever prayed the Liturgy of the Hours?

Here is a link to pray online. On the left is a link to the prayers at several times each day. The prayers are different each day.


I believe that at RCIA and at the little rosary shop in your local parish there are these Catholic Prayer books? Lots of different ones there.

Look here, a whole online library of Catholic prayers for you. Literally loads, click on one and there will be a further list of more;

This one is perfect;

Dear Jesus, help me to spread Your Fragrance everywhere I go. Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly that all my life may only be a radiance of Yours. Shine through me and be so in me, that every soul I come in contact with may feel Your Presence in my soul: let them look up and see no longer me–but only Jesus.

Saint John Neuman

The Anima Christi is one I Love…

Soul of Christ be my Sanctification
Body of Christ by my salvation
Blood of Christ fill all my veins
Water from Christ’s side wash away my stain
Passion of Christ my comfort be
Oh good Jesus listen to me
In they wounds I feign would hide
Never to be parted from thy side
Guard me when the foe assails me
Guide me when my feet shall fail me
Bid me come to thee above
With thy saints to sing thy Love
Forever and ever


If you can visit a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel,
I would highly recommend it.


Hi Michael,

Quick question. As someone who has a Muslim uncle (married my father’s younger sister) from the UAE, just wondering how things are for you as a Christian if/when you return to Saudi Arabia? Do you find things difficult, or are they really no different than before your conversion?


PS - It is one of my life-long dreams to go diving in the Red Sea! :thumbsup:

Thank you very much ,

too bad,

I am in Saudi right now ,and there is no Chapel or Church here

so that’s why I need to pray deeply because there is no way to be connected with my faith other than prayer and the internet, The Rosary is always my favorite , but I am hoping to try something new

Thank you again for sharing your thought and prayers

it’s really difficult from a spiritual prospective , and from emotional one

I mean when there is no Christians near you ,and you live with a muslim family , and anti-christian culture , that would put you in a very bad feeling, plus I am not allowed to say I am Christian to not put my parents in a big trouble with the government

and I am a big sinner , and I need Christ body to reject the sins and temptation , so it’s very hard on me , I feel I am using the communion of saint more often this days , because I can’t make it alone

I try to go to UAE (2 hour plane trip) to visit a Church , but I can’t do it every week or even every month , I hope to live near a church soon

PS:- I live near the Gulf :smiley:

:knight2::crossrc::signofcross::gopray::gopray2: aah prayer one of my favorite hobbies. I usually saya prayer to God each night and whatever i feel i need to say in my prayer book. if you don’t have a prayer book i would recommend it and usualy when i pray i play gregorian chants they are monks that sing catholic hymnns very good singers i recomend them to anybody. I must ask my dear friend how did you become a catholic? i hope you don’t mind me asking if you do please forgive me.

You are too quick for me! Talk about mystical - words are entirely optional when adoring the Lord in person. Saint Benedict expired while in prayer before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. To see Jesus sacramentally one moment, then face to face the next is incomparable.


You may participate in on-line adoration at this site:

I see they also have Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplets on that site.

May the Lord bless you for your perseverance.

I am sorry to hear of your trials, Michael. What does your immediate family say with regards to your conversion? Are they against it or do they support you in any way?

Oh, I’m SO jealous!! Are you a diver? I keep telling my aunt and uncle that one of these times I want to fly with them when they go to visit the UAE, but flights are so expensive.

I don’t pray, but you are in my thoughts. I hope you are able to find solace and peace in your difficult situation.

That’s a really an easy one to answer; for nothing is more easy than to connect oneself to God - since God is waiting for us to do so. Even if one is far off any Chapel, and doesn’t own any Christian thing such as Bible, prayers-book, crucifix or rosary, and also is unable to reach Eucharist, because he lives in a anti-Christian world like in Saudi Arabia, or even in the loneliest prison, a filthy dark pit or wherever;
Jesus Christ is with him any time, as He promised in Mt 28,20: “…lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

So, It doesn’t even matter what or which prayer we pray, for if we really do believe and therefore in our prayer are closest connected with Jesus Christ, God knows what we are trying to say and think, before we do so; as Jesus told us in Mt 6,8: “…your Father in heaven knows what you need before you ask Him”.

Christian belief and to believe is easy, as our Pope Benedict pronounced so often. Let’s never complicate it. Just do it and then Jesus Christ, God is with you. And He knows what you and we all think and want to say before you even start speaking to Him.
So, it’s actually a redundant question “what could I pray” so many among us ponder about. Let’s just speak to God as a little child does to his father. Our father understands even if our words are ever so humble. For what we actually do need, that’s God’s nearness, and this we own the very moment we speak to Jesus Christ, who in Gods endless love even became one of us and mixed up with us, until we murdered Him and he resurrected on Easter - only to come back to us again and judge all - according to their belief and if they searched Jesus or rejected Him.
It takes of course deeds too to obey Jesus’ orders. Without deeds, our belief is nil. Deeds of love are essential to be a Christian, as well as forgiving those who sinned against us, as we learned in the Lord’s Prayer. This fundamental prayer and mother of all prayers, just in case one doesn’t know it, one finds in the net everywhere. The rest we can tell God in our own words. Which doesn’t mean there are no great other prayers. There are countless of them, but let’s mainly speak to God in our own words.


There are many different prayers you can find online. Here is a good website where you can look up different prayers by topic. I hope this helps. Here is this site:

May God bless you,

Sit in silence and listen to God.

Sit in silence and mentally repeat Lord Let Thy Will be Done.

When I flew with the RAF I got around a bit. In those days Mass was in Latin but sermons in the vernacular. So I had to sit through Spanish in Gibraltar, Maltese in Valetta, French in France etc. It was while I was listening to a Chinese sermon in Hong-Kong I marvelled: “Lord, You UNDERSTAND all these languages!!!”:confused:
Since then I realise He doesn’t really need “HOLY” language prayers. He knows your thoughts anyway, but likes it when you voice them to Him. Jesus gives great advice in Matthew 6:5. When you pray, settle yourself in your favourite Parker-Knoll, adjust the cushions and CHAT to your Dad. And don’t forget to Listen:o

Don’t know about a saint, but how about a prayer recommended by a guy named Jesus Christ. When asked by his followers how to pray he said this (you can read Matthew 6:5 to see I’m not making it up): "When you pray, go to your room, close the door and pray to your father who is unseen. This, then, is how you should pray:

Our Father in Heaven, May your holy name be honoured; may your kingdom come; may your will on Earth be done as it is in heaven. Give us today the food we need. Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us. Do not bring us to hard testing, but keep us safe form the Evil One".

When God incarnate as man tells us how to pray, that’s all you need. No priest, no saint, no prophet can give you a newer model prayer that supercedes the one straight out of the Lord’s own mouth. Take it. Pray it. And do it alone, in your room, as Christ commanded. That is all you need to pray. Christ the King proclaimed it so. God Bless.

He looks at me I look at him

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