Help Me Please

Hi every body.

I am 42, married, 4 kids, live at Brazil and full of sad.
I don´t like my job, I want, and should quite it but I have no money to support my family,
Ohh my. What a prison it has been to me…
I know you can´t help me, but I need to cry out to some body asking for SOS.

May God Bless you all.

Many people have been where you are in your job right now. Some of us hang on for dear life, so to speak, just to keep money coming in and food on the table. Especially when you have children depending on you, you must keep going, even when you hate your work. In the meantime, you pray for God’s guidance, and keep your eyes open for another job. Is there something about your work that is immoral or is it just boring? Maybe the hours are too long. Pray, pray, pray for something else to come along. It might take a while, but something better will come along if you are persistent in your prayer life. God will either open a door for you to get a better job, or He will make your present job more pleasant. I will be praying also. My husband and I have been in your same situation. I know how tough it can be. But be faithful and constantly ask for God’s help. He is waiting for you to ask. God bless you and your family, Theresa

Thanks a lot for your kindly words. Nice to know we are not the unique on this earth.

I am praying for you. God has a plan for your life. Step out in faith and go find what His plan is. We are all here to support you.

What is your job like? And your day to day life like? What makes it so horrible?

Can you get another job or are you stuck??

I am praying for you.

for now, do the very best you can in the job you have, and offer it as a labor of love to our Lord and Savior, and unite your sufferings with his. This situation can be a means of great graces for you.

I am trying to do this. Just don´t know if this feelings are a sign that I may quite this job, even with the high risk to maintain the family, and find some thing that fit with my dreams.

Thank you all, for your kindly attention and praying intercession.

My work doesn´t have any thing immoral. Indeed its a private company, built by my father and I and my brothers work together.

I use to be the president of this company some years ago, and for an inspiration I quite my job, because I was needing more time to work on evangelisation.

Its a long history, but my dear wife didn´t agree with me and all that dream became a nightmare with continuous quarrels at home, what force me to come back on my decisions.

After that I started working for the governor of my state and on the end of the government I came back to my brother and asked him for my part at the company, since I was thinking on start another busyness.

He asked me to be together and I thought it could be nice, but it isn´t. I am working on a very bureaucratic place, and don´t have space to do what I think is good. I use to be the boss and now I am one of the employees and some times I hear that the company would probably be broke if I hadn´t get out and give the presidency to him. This make me shy, and silent.

Other thing is on the financial field. I am with to many difficulties at this moment. I needed to sell my car to pay some bills and I am going to the job by bus. Thanks God we steel have another car to family. We are doing many cuts on our budget but the money is steel short. The company is ok but my personal finance are bad.

So…I don´t know if open a private company will solve my problems. I don´t know if I will be a good entrepreneur, I am feeling tired, old and confused about my life.

I don´t know what decision I should do, thats why I asked your help.

Praying here for you. May God give you blessings for wanting to do His will.

Is it risky to into a new business? ( probably ).

Can you get another government job? It is very stable isn’t it? And pays ok? Or is it also too bureaucratic?

Take heart, something good will happen soon I am sure.

Thanks for your good wishes.

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