Help me to discern what sin is. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Today, I was watching a movie and there came a scene where the man is completely naked (they didn’t show his private parts). It was NOT a sexual scene. The man was actually a robot-like human, not having emotions. And in this scene, he asks his female partner (who is human) to examine him to see if there is any tracking device hidden in his body. So she examines his body by touching to look for that device. Although this scene was not sexual, that is, she wasn’t aroused as she did it, she rather felt awkward, I found myself feeling aroused by this scene. Then after the movie, I saw that scene again just to feel aroused again. So my question is, is this feeling of arousal a sin on my part or is it ok to feel aroused when seeing something like this? I feel I have committed a sin, but I just want to hear from you to ensure that I am not unnecessarily blaming myself.

Let’s be clear. That scene was meant to arouse the viewer, even if the characters were not aroused as part of the plot. Being caught by surprise and aroused the first time viewing the scene does not seem to be sinful. Viewing the scene a second time in order to be aroused does seem to be sinful.

Baltobetsy, well spoken! :slight_smile:

I agree with this assessment. You were OK until you reviewed the scene expressly for the arousal.
Say a good act of contrition and mention it at you next confession.


What sin is it? I mean, is it masturbation or lust? I have a problem classifying the sin, because I didn’t lust after that woman who touched the man. Also, sometimes I have viewed kissing scenes (both man and woman fully covered) over and over again because they made me feel good. But I didn’t feel sinful watching those scenes. Then what is different about this one? Surprisingly, I felt sinful about it when I saw it a second time.

I would say it is lust. If you are watching something for the purposes of sexual arousal, then that is a sin of lust.

It may not have felt sinful, but it was. Your feelings do not dictate the gravity of your sin. I have been there…it’s not good. You seem to be rationalizing.

A good rule of thumb is…if a woman walking down the street (or on TV, movie etc) catches your eye, you are simply being a normal man. If you take a second look to fuel your arousal, then you are lusting.

Well put. :cool:

I can understand your desire to properly understand this and several good answers have been given.
My only suggestion is that you discuss this with your confessor. He is the one who is in the best position to clarify for you.


Very simply, it is a sin against Chastity.
It is a sin against the Sixth Commandment.

I really pity the priests who have to hear all the details on certain sins,
when in fact, one should simply AVOID any near occasion of sin. You know
that your ‘interest’ was not of the “pure” variety so why view the scene again?
Get it?

May God spare our priests!

Does it really matter? Naming the sin is much less important than being sorry and resolving not to commit it again. Are you wondering what to say in confession? You don’t have to use special language - just tell the priest what you did the same way you did here - “I replayed a scene from a movie in order to experience arousal.”

Seems to me I think you have a tendency to be easily aroused by this kind of stuff and you seem to know that. I am not judging you by any means, just assessing by what you yourself posted. In your situation the first thing to do when you see this kind of stuff is immediatly turn it off, you dont even need to continue watching because this seems to b e a near occassion of sin for you and we are supposed to avoid near occassions of sin at all times. Sorry if Im a little blunt here but this type of stuff is very addictive and could progress in the wrong direction too quickly. I say this because you said you watched the scene a second time.

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