Help me to find a good church in Bay Ridge, New York!


Hi, I shall be in New York in two days. I am going to stay in the Bay Ridge area. I shall be there for atleast two years. Is anyone over here familiar with Bay Ridge? I am looking for a good church.

I tried searching on Google Earth and I found some:

Does anyone have an idea about any of these (or other) churches (in Bay Ridge)?


Hi. I lived in Brooklyn a long time ago, but Bay Ridge was one of my favorite places. Lots of shopping, all kinds of interesting restaurants. I lived in Bensonhurst which is about 15 blocks east of Bay Ridge. I went to St. Mary Mother of Jesus, and I liked it a lot, but that was over 20 years ago. St. Finbar was a nice parish too. They had a homeless shelter and soup kitchen back in the 1980s. Things are different all over now, but I hope you like Brooklyn. It's not like any other place I've ever been. Our Lady of the Angels sure looks beautiful. I'd been to Our Lady of Guadaloupe a couple times, and that's a beautiful church too. I think you just need to go to a few Masses at each and see which one suits you best.

You've probably already looked at the diocesean website, but here's a link to it with a map of the Bay Ridge parishes.


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