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Hi :slight_smile:

oki at times like these, I really wish I had a spiritual director… but I don’t… at least, not yet!

Can you guys please help me understand something?

I’ve received the Eucharist in the Church 3 times so far :slight_smile:
last time, it was amazing, I actualy felt Christ in me, in my heart, and it was so wonderful! Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for Communion and I don’t doubt the real presence any more.
Today, I received the Eucharist again. I felt a lot of peace, and although it wasn’t quite like last time, that’s alright, I know it’s not about feelings but about faith! :slight_smile: I prayed for a bit after Mass, and asked Jesus to be with me all day and to help me love others. I think we receive special graces in the Eucharist cause ever since then, I’ve been able to be more patient.

But there’s something else, that i really don’t understand, and although I feel peace and not anxiety, I’m kind of wondering what this means!! For some reason, today (just today), after receiving Communion, I feel this… heat (?) in me… it’s actually kind of strong… especially around my throat, as I was swallowing the Host. It’s not painful or anything but I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before. I don’t know if it’s good or bad :confused:

I feel so weird lol :o
I don’t know what you guys would think… and I hope this isn’t **wrong **? Does it mean I have sin in me? But I feel peace too… I just wanted to ask cause I’m wondering if anything like that has happened to other people!!!

thanks :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I think I understand some of what is going on with you. My belief is when you recieve Holy Communion and you fell that elation/estacy, the Holy Spirit has come on you. This does not happen every time I recieve Communion. I was scared the first time it happened. I thought something was wrong with me. Since then I have talked to others on threads here at CAF and found that I was not the only one this happens too. I feel very blest to have this happen. I never had this happen until the lasdt year. This is unique to me because it was at this time I rededicated my life to God. I think you are expierencing something wonderful.

As far as the heat in the throat goes. Now that I have never happened to me. So others who respond may know more about that.

All I can say is to cherish when it happens because I believe you are recieving special graces at this point!

God Bless!


Worry not! The Holy Spirit descended like tongues of fire!!
Keep up your sacramental life, and you will continue to fall deeper in love with God.


thanks :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you don’t think anything is wrong. As I said, I feel a lot of peace and that is usually a good sign :slight_smile: it’s hard to explain what I meant… hmm… it’s like I felt this warmth in me, very deep within me, but it affected my body too and I could feel it physically… and like I could feel it in my throat and in my mouth when I swallowed the Host, but also deep within me as well. I thought that is so strange cause I never had anything like this happen. But during the day, God helped me so much to avoid sin, so I think that maybe it wasn’t just a feeling but something from Him. lol I don’t know! :slight_smile: Maybe God is trying to show me that the Eucharist is very powerful. I’m so grateful for it! :smiley: it’s amazing that we have Christ’s real presence in Communion in the Church. I was a Protestant before and I got to know God, but this is even better - He actually unites Himself with us in the Eucharist!! :slight_smile:

God bless


G’day Monica
It is wonderful that you are receiving Jesus with so many feelings. There is nothing wrong with you , you are very blessed. Yes it is true that when we receive Jesus He is united in us and we in Him. He often gives us a special time with him to develop our faith and I pray that you will always remember these time . May you have a blessed day in Jesus and go as often as you can cheers geoff


“Yesterday, as I drew near to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I felt myself burning so violently, that I was obliged to move away. I was burning all over; it rose even to my face. Viva Gesu! How does it happen that so many who are standing so close to Jesus do not burn to ashes?”

–St Gemma Galgani


I wonder if God’s love for you was so strong it overpowered your body? I think your soul was responding to God’s love it so desperately wanted to fulfill through the Blessed Sacrament. You have been through a very rough period and it sounds to me like your soul was yearning so stongly in joy and with the desire for the Sarament. Is this something new for you? You may recieved a walth of graces and your soul knew what the rational mind could not realize.

God’s gaze is supposed to be white hot. Sounds like you got a dose of His loving!:smiley:

I have never had that happen to me. I have had the elation/ecstasy feeling come over me bought at home and at Communion. This is knew to me. I thought I was nuts and was afraid if I told anyone they would think I was religioous nut. not so I have found here at CAF. I thank God for this web site and the sharing everyone does. It strengthens my faith much. I am grateful!

God Bless!


Monica, the following quote is from a private revelation which has the approval of the seer’s Bishop. The visionary, Catalina Rivas, had a vision of what occurs at Mass at the spiritual level. I thought you might appreciate this part of her vision:

The great moment of the encounter in Holy Communion had arrived. The Lord said to me: “Wait a moment. I want you to observe something…” An interior impulse made me raise my eyes towards the person who was about to receive Communion on the tongue from the hands of the priest.

I must explain that this person was one of the ladies from our group who had been unable to get to Confession the previous night and had done so just that morning before Holy Mass. When the priest placed the Sacred Host on her tongue, something like a flash of light, that very golden-white light (that I had seen before) went right through this person’s back first, and then continued to envelop her back, her shoulders and her head. The Lord said:" This is how I am pleased to embrace a soul who comes with a clean heart to receive Me!”

The tone of Jesus’ voice was that of a happy person. I was in awe, looking at my friend return to her pew, surrounded by light, embraced by the Lord. I thought of the wonder that we miss so many times by going to receive Jesus with our small or large offenses when it
should be instead a celebration.

You can read the full revelation here. I think it’s worthwhile reading.

The Holy Mass


How wonderful for you! The presence of the Lord is such an amazingl thing. You have been blessed to expereince Him in a number of ways now…it is obvious He wants you to learn to recognize His preasence and not to fear how He chooses to manifest Himself to you. To feel embraced in such a way, either through peace or fire is a sign that God is with you.
Remember He said He is with us always! Walk with God and be blessed!



thank you!! =) yes, I think He is helping me develop my faith, because last week especially was a difficult one for me, and I’m sure I’ll need stronger faith for the future so that I would not ever leave God. He is so good =)

wow… I love St Gemma and I’m reading a book about her right now. But I was having a difficult time believing that my experience was from God, because I’m nothing like the Saints. Since then, I’ve been thinking that God gives us many things that we do not deserve, simply by His mercy. I’m grateful for His Mercy =) certainly what I experienced was not a reflection of any holiness, cause I have very little and I’m a new Catholic as well. I think perhaps God did this to me to encourage me =)

doesn’t it also say somewhere in the Bible that God is like a consuming fire? or am I imagining things.

:slight_smile: yes, this was something new for me… I certainly do feel that I’ve received graces! Even today, I feel so much more peaceful, not like usual. Things that I’ve worried about all week, I no longer worry about. It’s also easier to avoid sins. I know that I’ll be tested again in my faith… but it seems that through the Eucharist, we receive graces to grow spiritually more than through anything else! very amazing =) yesterday in the evening, I still felt that strange ‘warmth’ in me, but it wasn’t so strong and actually became very peaceful and I wanted to pray for a while. I kind of see what you mean about wanting the Eucharist, I’ve been waiting for it all week and I just wanted to be close to God.

I have never had that happen to me. I have had the elation/ecstasy feeling come over me bought at home and at Communion. This is knew to me. I thought I was nuts and was afraid if I told anyone they would think I was religioous nut. not so I have found here at CAF. I thank God for this web site and the sharing everyone does. It strengthens my faith much. I am grateful!

God Bless!

I’ve found the same thing! :smiley: I’m thankful for this website. I don’t tell many people about things like that cause I’m worried of what they’ll think too, that I’m a religious nut, haha… but also I don’t want anyone to think that I’m somehow “special” in some way. I’m glad for these forums, cause now I see that other people have similar experiences of God’s presence!

thank you!! :slight_smile: I’ve read this, a long time ago, and then completely forgot about it! I’ll read it through again =) I remember being really encouraged by it, and wanting to go to Mass. (I was still a Protestant back then.)

thank you!! =)

God bless!


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