Help me win a $10k scholarship in seconds!

Hi everyone!

I run the popular blog American Papist, which hopefully you’ve had a chance to read by this point. =)

Please take a couple seconds right now and vote for me (“Thomas Peters”) in the 2008 student blogging contest:

I’m the only Catholic blogger who made it into the top 20 this year.

Whatever funds I win will go directly to paying down my student loans. If I win 3rd place, that’s $1,000 less I have to pay. First place? $10,000! So tell your friends, too. Thanks! :slight_smile:

:signofcross: :signofcross: thanks for the heads up, Thomas.

I just now voted. You’re running second… miles ahead of everybody else, other than the one who’s running first at the moment.

It let me vote just once.

Folks… let’s help Thomas get the scholarship! :stuck_out_tongue:

As of right now, Thomas has received 3,564 votes… which is16 percent of all voters

The number one right now is David Cameron… with 6,761 votes… whic is 31 percent of all voters.

I’m sure that with the collective numbers of the CAF board that we can help Thomas… the only Catholic blogger in the competition to get that scholarship!

:yup: :clapping: :signofcross:

Me too. I tried deleting the cookies from my browser, but I still couldn’t vote a second time*.
You can, of course vote on multiple computers – home, work, friend’s.

*I’d like to know why – is it storing a cookie in the registry or something? How do I get rid of it?

Good luck! :thumbsup:

When does the voting end on this?

I voted for him a few days ago, then voted again today. Try again after some time passes, it might be a once a day thing.


Good luck!!!


It might ID you by the IP address. I voted, and I passed it along to my Catholic friends. For those who don’t know, the American Papist is a excellent site, go visit, you’ll see what I mean.

I just now deleted all the cookies on my computer and tried voting again.

Alas, my computer’s IP must have been already counted as having voted.

I agree… American Papist is an excellent site!

Thanks, Lizanne, for the graphic to link into Real Catholic TV! I had not yet heard of that site.

I just now registered (for free).


I am now going to be spending time there… at least, checking it out every day.

For example, on 11/13/08 – the headlines are:

Today’s Stories - Barna Group breaks down Christian vote for Obama. Barack consulting gay Bishop, seriously. Obama ready to expand embryo-destructive research. New York might be ready to pass gay marriage. Awesome pro-life video you must see! Dr. Laura Schlessinger standing up for the unborn.

There’s a 9-minute video of the 11/13 headlines presented by a newscaster of the Real Catholic TV site.

Warning… several minutes into that newscast, it shows the Truth Truck that was driven around a city in Florida. On its sides are photos of the pieces of the tiny children who were killed by abortion. I, personally, know that… as Fr. Frank Pavone says… unless America sees abortion…

And that’s only PART of the Website. Such a variety of pieces to explore.

Again, Lizanne… thanks!

I will second that notion!



thanks for bumping this!

I had already voted for you – Thomas Peters – several days ago. Afterward it would not allow me to vote again.

I tried it again – today –

allelulia!! It let me vote for you again, Thomas!

I post this now because it is possible for people to vote more than once. Just give it a couple of days between tries.


I voted! But I have only been able to vote once so far. I’ll keep trying.

I’ve voted twice.

once a few weeks ago when I saw the link you posted on phatmass.

and then now.

Good luck!

I tried it again just now. The second time was a few days ago.

It let me vote again – the 3rd time – for you –
Thomas Peters!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Peeps! We can vote repeatedly!

You’ll see Thomas Peters’ name at the top of the list. It does not mean that he has the most votes, though.

He is, however, in second place and truly needs as many votes as we can click in.

Just close out of the page once you’ve clicked on his name – and scrolled down to the bottom of the page where the button “vote” is located. Click on the “vote” button. Close that Web page.

Then click on the link to the page to vote again.

I’m going to sign on, click on his name, close out the page… and then open that page again…

We can all do the same.


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