Help me with this one


I continue to debate a friend of mine and I would help to answer this one:
(the debate is of ordination of women as priests)

"Not only were the apostles all men, they were also all Jewish, and that indicates a cultural limitation that does not apply to church leadership today. Jesus did not pick any Samaritan men to be apostles, either, because of the cultural limitations he worked in.

Jesus did not challenge all the imperfect social customs of his day. He did not attack the Roman government, nor the custom of slavery. Instead, he used slaves in some of his parables without even a hint that such a custom was anything less than what God wanted. Yes, Jesus was willing to challenge culture on certain points, but we cannot assume that he agreed with everything that he let stand. Nevertheless, we must agree that when it came to choosing disciples, Jesus had an opportunity to challenge culture, but did not. He treated women as equals in other respects, but not for being in the Twelve.

So should the priests and pope only be Jewish?"


Boy, where to even begin?! :stuck_out_tongue:

First and foremost, NO, the priests and Pope are not to be Jewish because Christ came to fulfill the prophesies and called us to become followers of HIM (Christian).

While Jesus did not select Samaritans as Apostles, certainly He called ALL people to be his disciples - and many responded to the call.

As for treating women as equals - this is false as well. Women are NOT equal. They are separate and unique in and of themselves and He treated them as He should have - with dignity, honor, reverence, respect, love.

You need to be up on Theology of the Body to deprogram the way we have been taught to view the purpose of man and woman. JPII debunked so many falsehoods in his speeches. When you get Theology of the Body it becomes clear why women are not called to be priests and why men are.

I highly recommend Christopher West’s “Naked Without Shame”. It’s a 10 CD set for $4…trust me, it’ll clarify so much about the Catholic view of humanity for anyone who listens to it.


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