Help Me!!!!!!!!!

I want to leave my current job (management level) because it is so fast and demanding that I could hardly have time for Jesus and his evangelisation work.
When Pope John Paul II passed on, I was very insecured with the thought of having no leader. So everyday I checked the internet with what is going to happen to the Catholic faith. Since then I come across so many articles and websites regarding evangelisation and I feel like I am not doing my part. The most inspiring article I come across was that by Fr Ray Ryland “The Great Ommission”.
My point is I want to work for the Church, we have a local Catholic radio station that I want to work. I have indicated to them that I am interest but they look at me thinking I would not leave my present job. But I am so inspired by the Holy Sipirt to change jobs but my wife thinks that I have been irresponsible with my ways of thinking. I do not have much debts and I have two beautiful little girls from God, my has a job and I think that working at the radio station would earn me enough to support our family but I want to work in an environment where I have my aspiration and my heart.
Please help me and pray that i would make the right decision.

Remember, God calls us to make wise decisions. You CANNOT follow in the ways of the Apostles, since you are married and have two children. You are responsible for their well being and their instruction in the Faith.

As far as witness goes, I am sure your around people everyday, therefore your chance for evangiliztion is great. Remember, There is God’s work to be done everywhere, including right where your at…

Whatever you decide, Peace of the Lord be with you!

Jesus called us to be the salt and light of the world and sometimes that means relating to non-Catholics. While I think it’s awesome that you want to work for the Church, I think the above poster is right about evangelization. There is an absolute need for it in places without a Catholic presence.God bless.

Dear SamKato:

Your fervor is heard by God, don’t ever doubt! And He will lead you when and if at the appropriate time. But your first and foremost priority is to your family. Please don’t be irresponsible. It will only lead to utter chaos and divorce.

My priest was very clear to me recently. Parenting and being a faithful spouse is often times the most important job God is calling you to do.

Make sure those are being taken care of first.
Peace to you and I will pray for you.

You sound urgent and intense. I would not make major life decisions that affect not only you but the financial and lifestyle welfare of your family without considerable discernment (prayer, consulting with wife & others, allowing doors to be opened & opportunities to be brought to you). Otherwise, you risk acting for all the right reasons but in the wrong timing. God most normally works through peaceful and and harmonious decision making.

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