HELP measurement conversions:UK into Ameican (cooking)


Looking at a recipe from Uk it calls for 300g of flour. how would that translate into Americian measurement, Pretty please, with sugar on top.:o


300g = 10.58oz (weight, not liquid volume)

Volume will depend on the density… not sure if that helps at all.


Go to . You can convert any measurement into anything else. I have used the site often, and it’s very helpful!

Wow, I just looked at the cooking section… you can even put in exactly what kind of flour you are using! :eek:


Be careful with flour, you should measure it by volume because the humidity can change its weight by a lot.


I was just going to suggest this site (I use it to plot Dash’s growth on the WHO’s breastfed baby growth chart) but didn’t even know they had a cooking section – cool!


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