Help,my Friend Is A Wiccan!

Hello everyone,
I have a very good friend I have known for seventeen years now. But it is only recently that I have found out (she told me while discussing each other’s beliefs) that she is a wiccan.She told me a few days ago that she was going on a ghost hunt at the Shire Hall here in Nottingham which is centuries old.In days gone by it was a courthouse where the usual sentence was death or transportation to the colonies.Many people were hanged on the gallows set up on the entrance to the courthouse,so you can Imagine the atmosphere of terror over the centuries.My concern for her is that she will be taking part in a seance and who knows what evil she will be coming into contact with.I offered her my rosary beads to wear around her neck to help protect her but she declined saying " I don’t believe in anything like that !! (meaning Christianity).I was shocked and to be honest I am worried for her .What can I do to help her?,I am praying for her and would welcome any advice.
God Bless,

I doubt there is anything you can do besides pray…If you say too much you will risk your friendship…You are between a rock and a hard place

Mick, this article may be helpful to you:

thanks for your replies, I will study the article at length, it looks very helpful,
God Bless,

I know the feeling. I met and made all my best friends in high school, and still love them, but while I’ve grown back into Catholicism, they haven’t outgrown their pagan beliefs. My friend Mark and his wife and their roommate (rent is cheaper with three people, especially since they have two kids, so nothing bad there) are all Wiccan. My best friend made up her own religion because she was traumatized by so-called Christians when she was young (sexual abuse, among other things).

It’s very hard to live knowing that the people you love either say, 1) Well, Christianity is just the right way for you to live and Wicca is the right way for me to live (Mark and his wife and roomy), or 2) Christianity has no truth for me, and I won’t ever be a Catholic under any circumstances (my best friend).

My plan is to die last and to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for each of them, and beg to burn off some of their punishment for them in purgatory.

Yeah, I know, that sounds insane, but they’ve been hard-wired by bad circumstances to hate Catholics. There’s an awful lot of stuff that I’d need to talk out myself in another post, but the truth is that some people who claim to be Christian have been very, very evil to them recently (Mark and his wife are fighting a custody battle against Mark’s nominally Catholic mother for Mark’s two sons - the mother’s reason for taking them from Mark is that her son is a pagan and is damning her grandchildren to hell).

When someone who’s pagan sees a Catholic doing something evil, and in the name of God no less, that person gets seriously turned off to Christianity.

I take heart from the story of the author Pearl S. Buck. She was a missionary’s daugther, and lived in China most of her life. Because of her repeated kindness to one Chinese woman in particular, the woman converted to Christianity. She told Ms. Buck, “Your God must be the true God, for you to be so kind and loving to try to please Him.”

I’m learning to realize that the only way, in my case, to convert others, is to convert myself. The better a Catholic I become, the more I hope to be an emblem to others. Which is a sad state of affairs because I’m a bad person a lot of the time, but I’m trying.

Constant prayer and being the best Catholic you can be are the only things that I can think of. Hope this helps some.

Tabsie 3210,
Thank you for your reply,your advice is much apreciated, I hope everything works out for you and your friends.
I will pray for you and your friends,take care,
God Bless.

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