Help! My paranoia's back and my faith is being tested


As some of you may know I am suffering from a mental illness.(I had posted it several months ago) Although I do have this illness I do have a strong faith in the Lord and I constantly pray for my own personal healing.

But lately, I noticed that my paranoia and depression are coming back. I am still being treated with medications and therapy by my pdoc for my illness.

Again, I am having thoughts that I had already died and had been cast into hell and there is no hope for someone like me. I get very frightened and anxious everytime I am having these thoughts. It is a very scary idea and it consumes me day and night.

I need your help to ease my mind. Am I really in hell or am I just delusional or paranoid at this point? At times it’s hard for me to differentiate reality from imaginary. I cannot talk to family members or friends about this because they will just get upset with me or they will just totally ignore me.

Again, I can feel that my faith in God is being tested. I would appreciate any replies or input regarding this post. Thanks for listening.



mslizzie, there is always hope. Please, when you experience those things, try very hard to hold onto that thought and to remember that what you’re experiencing is temporary. If it helps, envision a lifeline or rope (or Jesus, or Mary) coming down to you. Hang on with all your might and focus hard on your lifeline until the experience lessens or you can get help. You have not been condemned. You are not in hell. You’re here with us and there are many prayers buoying you up.

Have you called your doctor yet about the increase in these experiences?


I have problems with dissociation from time to time because of ptsd. I have certain stress triggers, but since I had a change in my meds, I haven’t had a problem with it. You need to tell your Dr. now about this and get counseling for what triggers it, be it mounting stress or trauma. I know the feeling you are describing very well and it can make the hair on your neck stand up from fear and helplessness. I assure you that you are still alive and well, in this world, though in it’s fallen nature. We are pilgrims still journeying with hope for a future in heaven. Don’t let anything tell you otherwise, self or enemy. Every day you wake up , there is hope. Call your Dr. please. Tim


I’m so sorry. I’ll be praying for you. Please see your docs asap so that they can change your meds or make an adjustment.

Don’t be scared, hold onto Jesus.


mslizzie, how are you doing? Just checking in with you -:slight_smile:


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