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Hi , No I didn’t go through with it in the end I still went to mass but then left the Church for months because i was confused about Mary and the saints and the differnt bibles do I asked my christian Protestant teachers at school and they gave me a protestant answer so I went with that and stopped going to mass and kept going to my baptist church I think becuase it was easier to go somewhere where I was more fimilier with and knew the people becuase I didn’t know many people at mass becuase I went to mass on Saturday and to my baptist Church on a Sunday.

so now I guess I didn’t really give it a chance if I only gone to the catholic Church I maybe would have settled then recently I started to miss mass and the church so researched in depth the teachings of the church and the early Church fathers and the bible verses and realise its biblical so I am now going back to mass and really want to convert becuase I have a hunger ,thirst, excitement, disiere for the sacraments and want to join and be in the one ture holy aposlistic catholic church but my parents have a very negative veiw of the church so I don’t know what to do ?

also there are no RCIA classes in my area at the moment but the church is going to run a program exploring the faith with a youcat course but my parents will act badly to that aswell , any chance I can convert with that if I ask the preist as a fast track and how can I tell my baptist church I’m leaving or casually phasing out of the church but I’m involved in activities in the church and they need my help with them and they gave me my first bible and kick started my faith so you can see what situation I’m in ? Anyone … HELP !?

Anyway thanks chuck


The one who can answer your questions is your local priest. He can talk to you about how you can enter the Church if you have impediments to attending RCIA classes.


Dear Chuck, I have been in the situation where I was involved in helping in may ways in the Church and was worried about how they would find someone to replace me when I left that particular parish…they did, or found other ways to get done the jobs I was doing. We may feel indispensable but if God wants you elsewhere He comes before these people’s wishes.

If a particular Church knew that someone was intending to convert to the Catholic religion, it wouldn’t be surprising that they might give him a bible and encouragement, and involve him in activities to make sure he didn’t feel he could stray.

Even if the bible was given to you before you became active, a bible does not cost a great deal, and should not bind you to a particular Church.
The person might feel obligated when he or she has taken on may responsibilities or received gifts, as his main obligation is not to them but to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and acting upon that inspiration.

The matter of the saints and Mary can be easily answered if you still wish to receive those answers.
If you still have questions on those matters we are happy to give you answers as you require.

May God bless and guide you.
May God bless your parents, and your Christian friends, and you, as you struggle with the questions you face, and with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

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