Help! Need some answers if Possible.

I posted this question on the 25th of November but never recieved any replies. Can anyone tell me where I may go to get an answer to this question?

Has anyone ever heard of the Institue of Divine Metaphysical Research. Also, Dr. Henry CLifford Kinley. What do they mean by true names like Yahshua, Yahweh Elohim and Yahweh. Why are they saying Jesus, God, and Lord are false and vain names and titles?

I need information to combat this as I was approached by a member of that religion and I want to be able to answer him on these things.




I have never heard of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research or of Henry Clifford Kinley. A quick Google search will turn up quite a bit, though.

“Yahshua” is a transliteration of the name “Jesus” as given in Hebrew or Aramaic–and is not the only possible transliteration either. “Jesus” is Greek and has passed into most of the European languages in this form.

Yhwh (I do not type out the full Name of God, just as I do not pronounce it–it’s an idiosyncracy of mine) is the Name of God as given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. The traditional Jews consider it too holy to pronounce. “Elohim” is simply another Hebrew word for “God.”

The reason anybody says that “Jesus,” “God,” and “Lord” are false and vain names and titles is that he is being a snob. “Jesus” is a perfectly acceptable name for our Lord and Savior Who died on the cross two thousand years ago. “God” and “Lord” are titles for God, not names, but are certainly neither false nor vain.

From my cursory look through the Google results, this appears to be Yet Another Example of one guy claiming “The whole world’s wrong except me.”

  • Liberian

Thanks Liberian. I really appreciate the information. Just wanted some backup when I see the person again.


The names they relate to are old testament and this tells you to stay away from them satin will take a yard where you give an inch. Stay away from them.



Don’t be fooled through foolish words Jesus said be awair of he who comes dressed as the lamb but is the wolf in disguise.

He also said that in this time and age there will be many who come and say that they have the way to eternal life, be not afraid of them but be strong.

But how do I know, you might say!
The answer is that NO other cult or religion can give you the joy the peace the fruits (Galations5: 22), of the Holy Spirit, NONE
Ask the HolySpirit to come in because you can’t go through this on your own. Keep on asking and He will come as your friend. Jesus said that He would NEVER leave us as orphans, hence the Holy Spirit, is the one He related about.
God bless.

Hello and greetings in the bonds of peace.

Hello Jerry!

I just wanted to answer a couple of questions you needed answer for. Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua are the true correct Hebrew names of our heavenly father, word or son, and holy spirit. You can research these names to find out that this is true and they are not just old testament names.

Henry C. Kinley had a divine vision, and a divine revelation. He never gave credit to himself, and always said, “make me prove it to you.” Yes indeed there are many who claim they received visions and revelations, but Henry C. Kinley, or any other man or woman couldn’t have come up with such infallible proof. Remember, study to show Yourself approved! Find out for yourself. Then discern whether it be good or evil.

There are branches of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research all over the world. This is a school, not a church. And the self same gospel the Messiah preached, is also preached here. The school is not a cult, and is nothing that Henry C. Kinley came up with…but what was revealed to him.

I share this in peace, and Yah Bless!

Henry Kinley, whoever he was and whatever he taught/teaches, is no different than Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, William Miller, Ulrich Zwingli and a host of others.

Thanks be to God for giving us a Church that has the authority to consider claims of revelation under the guaranteed guidance of the Holy Spirit, (John 16:1-15) so that we don’t need to be pushed one way and another by the storms. (James 3:1-6)

Private revelation, even genuine private revelation, is not part of the deposit of faith. Genuine private revelation can only support the Truth that has been revealed.

Anyone who thinks they’ve discovered a “truth” that shows that the faith as it has been practiced since Pentecost is wrong is beyond arrogant, no matter how humble they claim to be.

Actually, Yahshua is not a correct “hebrew” name. The appropriate and widely accepted transliteration is Yeshua.

Henry C. Kinley had a divine vision, and a divine revelation.

no. He didn’t. He believes that God only accepts worship done in hebrew. That’s hogwash. He believes that people of all nations can’t call on God in their own language. That’s elitist hogwash.

In other words: he’s a pharisee.

He never gave credit to himself, and always said, “make me prove it to you.”

No matter how poor your proof for how bad of a “revelation”, there are always enough people who will fall to the broken human nature of tribalism to buy into such hogwash. Mr. Kinley’s theory allows people to say: no, you aren’t like me, so you’re not as good as me. You aren’t in my tribe. It’s all so very human in nature…

Remember, study to show Yourself approved! Find out for yourself. Then discern whether it be good or evil.

Any theory which supplants God’s divine plan for a replacement man-made tribalistic theology, if it must be categorized either as good or evil, falls into the evil category.

There are branches of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research all over the world. This is a school, not a church. And the self same gospel the Messiah preached, is also preached here.

If they’re preaching exclusionary tribalism, they’re not even remotely touching on the gospel of Christ. By the way, those gospels you’re referring to were written in greek and aramaic, not hebrew as Mr. Kinley would probably desperately wish they were.

The school is not a cult, and is nothing that Henry C. Kinley came up with…but what was revealed to him.

Let’s see… man comes up with his own theology to replace that of Christ’s, claims it as divine revelation… seeks followers to join his “institute”. Sounds like a cult to me…

I share this in peace, and Yah Bless!

Pax, Amor, et Veritas Christi tecum.

Let’s see for a sec…

“And when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded in mind, because that every man heard them speak in his own tongue. And they were all amazed, and wondered, saying: Behold, are not all these, that speak, Galileans? And how have we heard, every man our own tongue wherein we were born?” (Acts 2: 6-8)

Even in the Greek (NT is in Greek and Jesus spoke Aramaic which alone should be enough), I think this translates as “Kinley is wrong” (Acts 2: 6-8).


I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I was introduced to the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research in early 1987 and I embraced the teaching because of it’s accuracy and the fact that I was given every opportunity to investigate what was being taught via the scriptures and any other resources I deemed adequate. This was encouraged by the ministers at the time as they were encouraged to do by the Founder and Dean Emeritus, Henry Clifford Kinley. Dr. Kinley even went so far as to say, “If you could prove anything that he taught to be incorrect - he’d close the school and follow you!” Well, I took them up on this challenge and from the true name of the Creator being, Yahweh, as it was already explained by Liberian to the true and original name of the savior being Yahshua the Messiah. Because as Yahshua stated in John 5:43 "I come in my Father’s name (Yahweh) and you receive me not let another come in his own name him you will receive. We all come in our father’s name if we are legitimate. If we don’t know our father’s name physically we are not legitimate children. That is Romans 1:19-20 you take the natural to understand the spiritual. The true sons and daughters of Yahweh do know their father’s name and there is no dispute about it to them. Now Yahshua is the spirit of truth which the world CANNOT receive. So don’t be dismayed that so many refuse truth - it was presdestine to be so. However, if you can accept truth in spite of beliefs, opinions of others, your place in society, your position in your family, etc. - you may just be a child of the Most High Elohim, Yahweh. It was Yahshua who said unless a man is willing to give up father, mother, sister, brother - ye even himself - he is not worthy of him. Yahweh set the truth up that it would be diameterically opposed to everything so that those that are his would love, honor and serve him above anything else. A good place to seek out the truth regarding the divine vision and revelation Henry Clifford Kinley received from Yahweh and taught is the website and also - instead of seeking answers to combat whoever it was that approached you - investigate this for yourself whether what Dr. Kinley claimed is true or false. Please don’t judge a matter before hearing it.’
I pray you have the courage to accept this invitation.

The Truth is that if you reject the authority of the Church then the Bible you are citing as your proof has no authority.

Nope never heard of it.

If the truth is God and God is the word then how does "metaphysics come into this study of God’s word? Arn;t they both different, one humanistic and the other spiritual!


LittleOne -
The Heavenly Father is not Hebrew he is spirit (2 Corinthians 3:17). He first gave his name to Moses at the burning bush Exodus 3rd Chapter and Moses spoke Hebrew and the scribes wrote it in the language they spoke. Yahweh spoke his name to Moses and Moses used the characters of the language he and the Children of Israel spoke to write what was spoken to him atop Mt. Sinai. Yahweh’s name is universal it is not confined to any earthly language. We all breath the name Yahweh (Inhale “Yah” we exhale “weh”) that is why he said “Let everything that has breath, praise Yahweh.”(Psalms 150:6) The King James "version’ of the bible was translated from Greek to English and that is when the true name of the heavenly father was substituted with the English title “Lord” - which in the English class system is far lower than the King, Prince, or Duke. There is a House of Lords in Britian but every one of those Lords has a name. You have landlords, warlords and drug lords and all those lords have names - that is why Solomon posed the question in Proverbs 30:4 “Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his NAME, and what is his son’s NAME, if thou canst tell?” Jesus is Greek and when you look up the etymology of the name Jesus it will bring you to the Hebrew Yahshua - Yahshua is correct and not Yeshua because Yeshua does not bear the father’s name as do all of the prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah Obadiah, etc. As for those that remain ignorant of this - Yahweh being omnipotent knows who has been told his name and who has not - you cannot be accountable for something you do not know. Yahweh girds each and every one of us even when we do not know him.
As for Dr. Kinley being a doctor emeritus - he received an honorary doctorate degree for a dissertation he wrote about the divine vision and revelation he received from Whitenburg University and emeritus because he remains Dean of the School even posthumously - he passed away in February 1976.
I’ve learned more about Catholocism being in the IDMR than I did as a Catholic. Some questions for you as a Catholic prove purgatory by the bible - you can’t; prove a holy trinity by the bible - you can’t - Yahweh is a unity (Deuteronomy 6:4); as a Catholic prove that God has a mother as Catholocism advocates Mary is “The Mother of God” - you can’t - Yahweh is a self-existing diety which is what Yahweh means “He who exists” (Isaiah 46:9); prove that the Mary is a mediator between Yahweh and man - you can’t - Yahshua the Messiah IS THE ONLY mediator between Yahweh and man (I Timothy 2:5).
Sorry cannot leave the truth to return to a lie. Thanks for the invitation but I humbly and graciously decline.

No, they are both human ways of trying to grasp the truth.

The prefix “Meta” means “beyond” and physical is self-explanatory - so metaphysical means “beyond the physical or the temporal or earthly” - The true death is not being horizontal in box with people crying over you. The true death is to be carnally minded (Romans 8:6) - or not being able to perceive or understanding the divine or spiritual things pertaining to the heavenly father, Yahweh, as it revealed by the holy spirit, Yahshua. So metaphysical is has nothing to do with “human or fleshly things” it is completely opposite of that. Look up the definition of the word in any good dictionary.

“The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us.”

If your explanation is a true representation of the teachings of the organization then it is nothing more than a newly-dressed version of the ancient heresy of gnosticism.

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