Help: Need to find a St. Robert Bellarmine statue/painting


I am unfamiliar where to find statues and/or paintings of saints. In particular, I am looking for one of St. Robert Bellarmine. Looking online as best as I could, I could online find a book, a 3 inch pewter statuette, and a medal.

Might anyone have any suggestions on how to find a statue or painting? Where to Churches named after saints find portraits/paintings of their saint?

Many thanks :smiley:


How big?


Well, this would be for a gift to a local chapel. St. Bellarmine is the saint whom the chapel is named after. But, there aren’t any portraits or statues of this saint in the building (which mostly relies on student and community donations, as it serves a college.) So at this point, anything maybe a foot or taller for the statue, or any size for the portrait. :slight_smile:


To find such items I would go on Then I would click on “images” at the top of the screen. Then I would type in Bellarmine in the search box that appears. However, I don’t know if the items that turn up can be purchased or not–you would have to check.


I went looking. Wow! You’d think a guy with one really good portrait would have a place to get copies, the way RB is out and about on the Internet! But no.

Try here:
Maybe they can give you something custom.


He’s a pretty recent canonization (20th century) so there’s not going to be a whole lot out there–20th century artists didn’t do a whole lot of grand portraits of Saints like were done in previous centuries…

Great Saint though! :slight_smile:


Good suggestion. Thank you. I have Googles RB, and his portrait (red outfit) comes up. I just don’t know who painted it! If I knew, then I’d be able to possibly research further :-p

Maybe I can call some other Robert Bellarmine parishes across the US? :shrug:


Bernini painted it!

OK< that was the bust. We’re looking for the painting of RB in red, correct?


I’m hoping to! :slight_smile:


So wait … Bernini painted the red one?


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