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Would someone please share good literature titles to evangelize a Muslim neighbor?:thumbsup:

I have been searching for a good Catholic apologetic resource to give to a Muslim neighbor for a number of YEARS without any good luck.

Most of the English material available explains the faith by explaining the fallacy of Protestantism. The problem is a Muslim has not already accepted the veracity of the Bible at all!

A Muslim needs a convincing argument made for the truth of sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church made without already assuming the Bible is true.

A Muslim certainly does not need the arguments an atheist would need, nor a protestant. He already accepts a God, and so the focus needs to be on why the Church is profoundly true. The Catholic literature regarding Mohammedanism is good but unsuitable since it deals mostly with criticisms of Islam. I feel he needs the case for Catholicism to be first expounded independent of the fallacies of Islam.

He is intelligent and so any pamphlet, book, DVD, Father of the Church website to print etc. would be suitable. Unfortunately there seems to be a profound scarcity of materials suited for proclaiming the truth of our Lord Christ to Muslims.

After moving in next to him, I was promptly given excellent literature proclaiming the truth of Islam. It was very nicely produced (of a much higher intellectual appeal and logic than the Mormon propaganda). It quite resoundingly echoed Aristotle’s 5 proofs of God and echoed Humani Generis on evolution. I was VERY impressed with the presentation. Many full length color CDs and booklets. If not blessed (and aware of) the richness of the Catholic Faith, I am sure it would appeal to MANY PEOPLE. I found it disheartening that I could not find a resource that made an appeal to someone who believed in (one) God , but not the Bible.

I was glad to reciprocate (and of reminded of the courteousness in Arabian Nights or the chivalrous exchanges during the crusades). I was more delighted that I had the occasion to proclaim the Faith, and promptly looked for something to give him when I ran into all the problems mentioned above! This raised red alarms for me that Catholics are lacking in this area of proclaiming the Faith for what suits actually most people in our post-Protestant time. They believe vaguely in an indistinct God, and have never heard the case for true Christianity (Catholicism). What miracles of conversion could we expect if we but gave them the outstanding case for our love of Christ? Well just because we have not had good luck in the past does not mean we can give up. St. Francis’s did not and his life was defended by a Sultan while proclaiming Christ crucified! What does it say if we are not drenching the world in the clear case for Christ?

I will give my Muslim neighbor a Christmas gift this year- and all I have so far to explain the Faith is the entire Summa Theologica, which is bound to overwhelm without a more concise explanation in addition. Fulton Sheen’s Catholic Catechism talks are well-suited also, but are too long to be concise.

Would you be kind enough to recommend something I can give that would proclaim the Faith to someone who believes in God but not the Bible? If it contains some refutation of Islam that is OK so long as it hits only the high points (no proof that Islam is from God etc, and does not disparage Mohammed’s character although I know it is a tempting target).

Thanks for your help!


You should read and be familiar with:

The Heresy of the Ishmaelites
by John of Damascus

The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed
By Hilaire Belloc

You will also find that Muslim apologists, like many Protestant apologists, recycle the same acusations against Catholicism. You find rebuttals for the these here:

A Series of Answers to Common Questions and Claims

Rebuttals to Muslim Polemics against Christianity

As far as things to hand to a Muslim, there are several things available:

More Than Dreams DVD

Catholic Perspective on Islam (PDF brochure)

Mohammed vs Jesus (PDF brochure)


Why don’t you just tell them what the Lord Jesus said;

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me. John 14:6


One thing that is interesting to me about Islam in relation into Christianity and Judaism is that…

Christianity supercedes Judaism by fulfilling it. For this reason we accept the Jewish scriptures as being unflawed. We incorporate Judaism into the new revelation.

We can demonstrate a clear organic and historic continuity between Judaism and Christianity so that, even though Jews disagree with us, the idea that Christianity is latent within Judaism is, at least, much more credible. The first Christians, we know, were in fact Jews.

Islam, to contrast, has to resort to claiming that Judaism and Christianity are corrupted versions of Islam. There is no organic continuity between the Jewish and Christian faiths and Islam (which obviously inspired Muhammad). He draws from them, but at the same time, has to declare that he knows better than them and that, all along, these faiths were impure.

This is why Judaism and Christianity can not offer a typology that points to the Muslim faith. It simply isn’t there, there is no organic link between the two.

This, in my mind, is the weakest point of Islam. It is far too late on the scene for its claims to be credible. I**t just shows up 700 years after Christ and 1700 after Judaism…yet claims to precede both! **

I would start with showing the absurdity of this logic, which we need not fear be turned back against Christians as Christianity is Jewish in essence.



I think you must have read the Bible, from cover to cover, yourself. Now you start studying Quran and discuss things with your neihbour in an unbiased way. You both would learn so many things and then convince him.

I suggest online Quran:



Also read **Robert Spencers **books on the history of Islam.
I recomend them so you get an idea where he is coming from.


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