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Dear Forum

I want to apply to Seminary in the next few months, as kids will be applying to universities in the next few months. However, I’m scared to do so. I want to apply, but I’m so scared that I will be rejected by all of them. Im so scared so excited to apply, I dont know how the two can co-exist :confused::confused::confused::confused: For some reason I’m excited, joyful and terrified at the prospect!!


Can anyone give me some advice, as well as give me a list of Seminaries that are EF type, (other than the FSSP or Insitute of CHRIST THE KING, Or St. John Cantius), or at least very orthodox. I feel called to be a Order/Society type Priest.

Can I please get some help

P.S, I wouldnt mind if you threw in a Hail Mary or some kind of prayer. Pretty please?


It doesn’t sound like you have contacted the order/society you are interested in…You need to go through their application process and, if accepted, they will tell you what seminary you will be attending. Good luck and God bless you!!!


Apply to the ones that you feel God is calling you to.

Contact your vocational director of your diocese - it’s his job to help you apply and things to that extent.

Pray pray pray pray pray :slight_smile: If it is God’s plan that you go to seminary, He’s going to work it out.

Talk to seminarians you know going to the seminaries you are interested in. They have been through what you are going through and can help you out.

You can’t be turned down as a student if you don’t apply to begin with, so definatly make sure you are applying. Never know unless you try!


Do not worry, if you are doing what you are suppose to do and if you have a genuine vocation, you will be accepted when God wants you to be accepted. It may be that you will be asked to come back in a few years, but it may also be that you are accepted now. Just make sure that you do not rush into things.

Find an order where you really would like to live your life, do not settle out of gratitude for being accepted. If the traditional liturgy is the most important thing for you, then maybe these orders/societies are for you, but it does not have to be so. Be aware that these orders have a very special vocation to give this liturgy to people, if what you are desiring is something else also, then you should take that into consideration.

There are other orders out there who are very loyal and respectful to our traditional piety that does not exclusively celebrate the Tridentine Mass. I have had some very good experiences with the Missionaries of Charity for example. Staying close to the poor is a good way to keep our hearts warm! I do not know much about the liturgy of their Priests, but they are very Marian and very Eucharistic; very strict and very warm. I live close to the contemplative sisters but I have also met with their brothers/priests in Rome and they seem to run some beautiful communities! The sisters goes to the Tridentine Mass where I used to live, and they are only allowed to receive Jesus on the tongue unless the Priest explicitly tells them that he will not give it to them that way.

Did you ever think about the Dominicans? There are some traditional ones here in Europe if you speak French or are wiling to learn. I do not know much about their work though, but I would think they serve the French traditionalists. I have also heard some good things about the Province of St. Joseph in the USA, but I do not think they consider themselves “traditionalists” and I do not know much about their liturgy.

Anyway, visit places, go on retreats and always trust God!

I said a couple of memorares and I also remembered you in my rosary. Please pray for me also!


This site was posted on the forum a while ago (by pgnat1):

It matches you up based on your responses to the questions, then allows you to request information or contact.

God bless you in your vocation.



As stated in the first reply.

You do not apply to a seminary if you feel a calling to the priesthood and/or religious life.

You apply to the diocese or religious community.

They send you to the seminary that they use.


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