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Hi everyone.

I’ve not been on the forum in a little while because of my depression. That being said I finally feel like I’m on the road to recovery.

2 Sunday’s ago I had a visit from two Mormon’s. They talked with me for a while about God and the Bible and ended up handing me a “Book of Mormon”.

They were such nice people, but given that I have begun the RCIA process into Catholicism I feel I maybe should have told them to leave.

Can someone tell me a bit about mormonism?



I’m a former Mormon who resigned from the Mormon Church and became Catholic. The problem with Mormonism is that its distinctive doctrines are completely false. Go to and read a little bit about Mormonism. It is false. I think in your position I would tell the LDS missionaries not to come back anymore. They have nothing to offer you but fairy tales.

Sorry about the popcorn (always wanted to use that avatar). The thing is I believe your question is too much to answer in a single post. It would take a book.


I am glad you are feeling better. I hope and pray your recovery continues.

I echo Mr. Collins. Check out the MormonThink website.

I am also an ex-Mormon and will be coming into the Catholic Church at Easter.

The problem is that the Mormon missionaries will not tell you the whole story of what they believe, the history of their church and the character of their founder Joseph Smith. The sad thing is that many of the missionaries don’t know a lot of these things themselves.

The Mormons have a vastly different understanding of God than Christians do. They frequently use the same terms that Christians use but have vastly different meanings to Mormons.

The missionaries will be very nice people. In fact, most Mormons are nice people, but they believe the teachings of a false prophet.

If you haven’t already seen it in the UK press, the leader of the Mormon church, Thomas Monson, has been summoned to court in the UK to face fraud allegations.

First of all, glad to hear you are feeling better and are on the road to recovery from depression. I will say a prayer for you.

Second, there are several of us former Mormons here.

Basic premise and foundation of Mormonism fails.
There was no “great apostasy” in the early church
There was no need for a “restoration”
Joseph Smith was no prophet and the Book of Mormon is not a historical account of the ancestors of the American Indians. There is nothing to support, archeology wise, anything found in the BoM.

Mormons reject the basic tenet of traditional Christianity, IE the Trinity.
Others here have given you some great links.

Praying for you in your path to recovery from depression!
God Bless!!

Expanding only slightly on what you have said, there is zero evidence that Mr. Smith did anything at all to test the spirit that spoke to him. John exhorts us, in 1 John 4:1-4 to test the spirits, and teaches that any spirit which “dissolves” Jesus is not of God. Reducing Jesus from Eternal Son of God into a man made into a god is clearly a dissolution of Christ.

The exact same lesson may be learned from the spirit which spoke to Muhammad. Jesus was reduced from Son of God to a mere prophet and nothing more. I firmly believe that both Muhammad and Joseph Smith experienced supernatural communications. I also believe that those communications were not from heaven inasmuch as they reduced the substance of Christ to merely human.

I am a former Mormon. I was a missionary and later had various leadership positions. I am willing to discuss anything you want or need. Pm me if you feel more comfortable

I too am also a former mormon. The difference is that while many submit to an excommunication trial, or go to the effort and time to have their names removed from church records, I just walked. PROBLEM is they probably still consider me one of them.

Another Mormon-to-Orthodox convert on here? Awesome! I had no idea!

A very good reference book for all Catholics is The Essential Catholic Survival Guide, published by forum host Catholic Answers. In addition to explaining the more misunderstood aspects of the Catholic faith, it also dissects (among others) the LDS and their peculiar beliefs. Several sections in it reveal the various problems with Mormon beliefs. It also deals with the inevitable Jehovah’s Witnesses. I highly recommend it.

Thank you everyone for the kind replies.

People on this thread have yet again proven to be a great help, I have sent a few PM’s :smiley:

There are a few of us and I would guess they are more common in Mormon states, Utah, Idaho and all.

My parish has mostly converts from Baptist, Lutheran, and churches of Christ (not related to the cocolds). I am the only former Mormon there though.

The Mormons took advantage of my situation. I was lonely, depressed, and needed friends. They loved bombed me, and dunked me and even “ordained” me. But as I come to know Mormonism in depth things like 'becomming ‘gods’, Mrs. god and all the rest of their stuff I quickly became tired of all the heresy and walked. I was Mormon for less than a year.

Po, I don’t know enough to comment on Muhammad but Joseph Smith’s history of getting In trouble with the law selling miracle oil and then claiming to be able to find buried treasure with a seer stone makes his claim of an angel appearing to him very suspect. I really don’t believe any spirit appeared to him at all.


We may never know, but the evil one also seeks to influence such deceivers to further his own lies. And, the various similarities between the two religions - even as to their histories immediately after the deaths of their founders, is eerily similar. In fact, the JWs are not completely different in that regard. That is why I suspect the same source. All three deny the divinity of Christ and, at some level, the same spirit probably drives them.

I can’t speak for the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But regarding Islam:

The Quran calls Christ “Kalimatullaah” - the Word of God, and “Ruhullah” - the Spirit of God.

That doesn’t sound to me like denying the divinity of Christ.

Messenger. Not the Son. That most clearly denies His divinity. Jesus is a prophet, and a very special one, but no more than a prophet.

What do you think Jesus meant here?

" And a certain ruler asked him, saying: Good master, what shall I do to possess everlasting life?

And Jesus said to him: Why dost thou call me good? None is good but God alone."

It was a rhetorical question.

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