Help needed to use the new site

Congratulations on the new site, but I am confused.
How can I get emails only replying to threads I initiate or contributed to?
Is there a home page with simple FAQs?
I find it difficult to find my way around the new site, and get explanations on how to use the site. What is the best way t get help?
God bless.

I don" think the option you want is available. You can go to the settings section under yout profile and see what option are available.
Have you tries these, without the parentheses. They are not really advanced, but might be a good start.

(@discobot start new user)
(@discobot start advanced user)

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Noel, go to your profile page, click on Preferences. On the left you will see a list, click on notifications and you can choose how you want to receive notifications.

You may also wish to go to the Site feedback and read some of the questions and
answers that’s have been posed and answered.

Stick around and read, you will get the hang of things eventually.


thanks for your reply.
I am making some progress, but am still confused.
After much effort I found my preferences, but not much else.
I do not know about @discobot.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks for your help which has enabled me to make some progress,
I can get ‘preferences’ and notifications, but do not know what options here mean.
All I want is replies to threads (posts) I initiate and contribute to.
God bless.

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