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Hello all, it is very embarrassing for me to be posting this right now, but I need help. I feel that I am letting myself and God down through masturbation… Ever since I got my lisense ive been driving myself and my Grandparents to church every Sunday (May 8th is they day I started driving and never intentionally missed Church since). I also started my Private Pilot training and have it almost completed at this time. Ever since I started to fly I always wore a Cross every time I go out to fly, or go to school ext. Recently I have learned how serious of a Sin Masturbation is, and I am trying my hardest to stop. Every time it comes across my mind, I say no in my head, but everything else thinks other wise… Ive narrowed it down to about once a week, but it is still not good enough for me. I feel that every time the sin occurs, I have failed everyone looking up to me, and I failed myself. I also suffer from IBS and my mind makes me believe certain things which will eventually tumble into severe stomach pains for 12+ hours, and diarrhea, and throw up. Luckily ive been about 4 months free from this, trying to train my head, and praying that I wont be thinking negative thoughts. I have also learned now that I cannot receive communion with this type of sin, without confession. The problem is I am way to embarrassed to even confess this with a priest… I have not received confession since CCD, and forget everything about it, also when you sit down there is no window/curtain and I wouldn’t want the priest to see my face.

What I am trying to say is, I need help stopping this, for many reasons. I want to be closer to God and not sin against him. And I believe this will help me with my IBS and worries. If anyone can help or give suggestions on, another way, to say it during confession, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Confession is a powerful sacrament. Is it possible to go to Confession at another church or perhaps a local shrine where there are more traditional confessional rooms? You can search for neighboring parishes through, a website that lists churches in your area.

I think you will find a lot of relief from this powerful sacrament. God bless.


Hi NickC17,

there’s this great Catholic website:

It helps alot trust me!

Trust in God and His mercy and know that He loves you. Most importantly pray. Pray everyday and make that connection with God. Pray the Rosary everyday if you can. When we pray, we strengthen our connection to God and it makes it much harder for us to fall into sin. Trust in Jesus, and He will be your armor against temptation.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your time of need.


I’m glad that you’ve been going to Mass as much as you can. It can definitely be hard to stop a habitual sin, I know that from personal experience. It can be done, with God’s help though. I agree confession can be scary, there are still some times that I am really nervous. Priests understand that confession can be scary though, and are not there to judge you, but instead to offer God’s mercy. If you want you can simply go in and say, “Father, it’s been a while since I had my last confession and I don’t remember how to do it. Will you please help me?” Most, if not all priests would be more than happy to walk you through the steps. If you would rather though, I can share how to do it. Like other posters that have commented, if you feel more comfortable, it might help to find a church near you with a screen. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about confession I may be able to help with. I’m praying for you.


Hey Nick,
You’re on the right track with seeking out some help, I know that took some courage to post.

I know confession is tough sometimes, especially with issues like this. There’s alot of shame around the sin of masturbation. You don’t need to be beating yourself up for this, you aren’t alone. There is an Enemy, Satan, and he would much prefer you to stay comfortable and away from the sacrament. I would be willing to bet the priest has heard sins like yours many times before.

It’s going to take another step of courage for you to go to confession. It takes a humble man to admit his faults. I think you’ll feel immense relief after confessing. Some priests are better than others with giving counsel during confession, so if he’s a little cold or aloof you may keep that in mind. A good priest will recognize the courage it took for you to confess your sins.

As far as being no window/curtain, I’ve done that too. It caught me off guard the first time, and I felt uncomfortable. But after a few more times, I came to realize that the priest is there as a friend. If I can’t talk to a priest face to face, then what does that say about me? I also spent most of the time with my eyes closed looking down. I just wanted to make sure everything he said to me sank in.

In short, you’ll feel better! It will bring you closer to God, it’s what He wants.


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