HELP! (NFP questions)


I need help real bad, and please, if you feel the need to yell at me, take it elsewhere.

I am using the pill for medical reasons, and I just tried to get an appointment to have the exam to refill the prescription. Because I go to a walk-in clinic, they turned me away. they only have appointments during the day, and I WORK during the day! I am so scared because if I have a natural period…well let’s just say it won’t be pretty. I’ll spare you details. They started getting hissy with me (the receptionists) saying “just use a backup method!!” and I stormed out. I didn’t feel like explaining to them and the whole lobby that I wasn’t on it for contraception. I really hardly care if I get pregnant to be honest,. I want it to stay healthy!!

So bascially, assuming I can get the exam sometime this month, I still have to wait until after my next period to start taking it (unless the doc has good news for me, because as I said…if I have to have a natural period, it won’t end well)

Is it possible at ALL to use NFP for that month? Is there any way at ALL to avoid pregnancy other than not having sex for a whole month and a half? I ask because I just had to go through a month of “nothing” because I had surgry and I was on antibiotics and those counteract the pills. I’ve been married 3 months, and most of our marriage has been “nothing” because of these stupid pills. I DO NOT need someone pimping NFP to me because trust me, if it was my option, I’d be ON that, I just have to have SOMETHING to keep my periods from killing me. I’m SO frustrated right now! And no, the JohnII institute or whatever isn’t an option for my husband and I. We’ve looked into it.

If anyone ANYONE can be helpful, please help!


I’m by no means an NFP expert, although we practice. NFP teaches you to know your fertile and infertile times, so you can choose when, based on your prayerful consideration, whether you wish to conceive or not. Since learning your cycle takes time, it’s not really something you could use with accuracy for only one month. It’s a method and lifestyle, rather than an object or thing to use.

But, if you have a regular cycle, you could estimate when your period will start, and plan accordingly. You may be able to find more information at , or by calling the Couple to Couple League. I’m sure one of the staff there may have some more concrete advise for you.


Well, I noticed you said that you didn’t care that much to avoid pregnancy, so that colors my answer. If that is really true, then maybe you won’t mind the risk of having relations when your predictions aren’t perfect, if the result could be a pregnancy (which, btw means no painful periods for 9+ months). I’m saying that because I learned NFP in 2 different methods at 2 separate times, and both times they told us to abstain for the first month to get a baseline.

I also don’t know much about the pill, and if it has an effect on your cervical mucus when you’re coming off of it. Assuming it does not affect it, and assuming you are willing to take on some level of risk since you don’t have that baseline, you could just immediately start checking your mucus. My advice would be to check out for instruction on the method that relies completely on checking your mucus. I personally think it is the simplest form of NFP. And while you may not be able to have relations as much this month as the average couple who is experienced with NFP, you will likely be able to find a couple of “safe” days.

Unless, of course, you want to throw caution to the wind, and try my above-mentioned method of making those nasty periods go away (my 2nd favorite perk of pregnancy, only after the person it makes). In which case you may still want to check out the website to improve your odds…:wink:

You must be really not looking forward to next month…praying for you to get through it well.


No you cannot effectively use NFP for one month in between getting your pills refilled.


I know that hormonal contraceptives do mess with cervical mucus but I don’t think tempurature will be affected. Your temp will be in the 97 range until you ovulate and then it will jump. After several days of high temps you should be able to resume intercouse without a pregnancy. I suggest you abstain until then.
But why use birth control? I believe artifical contraception is like slamming the bedroom door in God’s face and my husband and I will never say no to Him. My coworkers ask me on a weekly basis if I’m pregnant (I have 3 kids) cuz they all know we practice NFP. Co-workers have asked me if I would ever let my daughter use birth control for medical reasons and I say, “of course, but she’d also use NFP.” Are you aware that hormonal birth control causes chemical abortions? You could still use it, but still take your temp and check your cervix and mucus (although that may be affected) and abstain around the time you ovulate. That way you aren’t conceiving human life just to die a few days later from starvation cuz he or she isn’t able to implant in the uturus.
Just something to think about.


Oh, Delphinus, Hon, I’m sorry, but 1ke is right, you can’t use NFP for just the one month, because you have to have natural cycles to use it. From what I understand, the artificial hormones in the Pill don’t give you a real “cycle,” so it’s impossible to read fertility signals. Couples typically are able to observe their natural cycles after being off the Pill for months, when all the other hormones are fully out of their systems.

That’s rotten, I know. :frowning:


Are you aware that hormonal birth control causes chemical abortions? You could still use it, but still take your temp and check your cervix and mucus (although that may be affected) and abstain around the time you ovulate. That way you aren’t conceiving human life just to die a few days later from starvation cuz he or she isn’t able to implant in the uturus.

You can’t effectively use NFP while taking COCs, which should suppress ovulation and the signs of fertility. The progestin, which is a synthetic form of progesterone, can alter temps.


Actually, it does alter temperature also.


Thank you to all who corrected me. I totally forgot that hormonal birth control doesn’t allow you to have true mentral cycles and I didn’t realize temperature is affected too. I’m gonna have to read more NFP books for when I try to evangelize my narrow-minded coworkers. =)


Everyone is giving useful help. Thank God I got ahold of my doctor and explained my situation and he gave me a quick refill until I can get in. I am aware that it can cause a chemical abortion. my husband and I abstain while I am on my period since we know nothing about what is going on at that time, and I try to look for any signs of ovulation. It’s nearly impossible though since the pill prevents ovulation like, 99 percent of the time. So chances are I’ve never even ovulated since I started the pills a year ago. My husband and I are dearly afraid of an abortion happening during this time so we are doing all we can to prevent it. We even asked tips from our doctor, but there wasn’t much he could tell us, aside from making SURE I take the pill as directed, never missing, and never being late, because if I do that I should never ovulate. So we are RELIGIOUS about when I take it.

We do, however, know that the church approves its use for my issues, so…we are putting a lot of it in God’s hands.


yeah I know. My husband and I constantly make that joke that when we are ready to try for kids, we have to get pregnant REAL fast so I don’t have a period LOL. I say things like “well I guess we’ll just have to “snuggle” every day!” and he jokingly goans in horror :wink: After talking to my doctor, he believes that my issue should go away after pregnancy, so we are gunna learn NFP between pregnancies to try to space them, but we don’t really care. I am just scared that my issue won’t go away and I’ll be stuck with this issue forever :frowning:


I’m glad you got other responses. I sit corrected on the possibility of using the NFP then. I was gonna say…after I had my first child, my periods changed too. I never had them bad like what you must be dealing with, but I did always have to medicate for the first couple of days, or else I’d miserable. And after having children, I almost never have to take medication for cramps anymore. Funny how that works.


As a long time, long ago NFP user, I also found this to be true; no more cramps!!!

Delphinus, if you don’t mind my asking, is endometriosis involved? My 23 year old daughter suffered for two years until she had exploratory laparascopic surgery and cauterization of the endometriosis which helped immensely. She didn’t want to start the hormonal treatments, and her doctor (Catholic) worked with her. I think your best bet might be to try find a good Catholic ob-gyn who understands your pro-life sensibilities AND your physical problems.

Best of luck - I’ll be praying. I know how hard this is, believe me!


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