Help on cheap gifts!

Please, someone shed some light!

I am going back home after 2 years studying away, 6000 miles from home.

Meanwhile my dear brother’s daughter came to life. She is now 1 1/2 years old. I was in the shopping for 2 hours and left with empty hands.

What do babies that age like that costs up to 20 euros (about 30 dollars? ). My first idea was a Lego Duplo Set, but it is too big to my small luggage. I also thought about one or two Disney princess dolls. But it says 3+ in minimium age? Stuffed animal? Angry bird? Heeelp, I am panicking :slight_smile:

How about a stuffed animal? When we visited Sweden we saw really cute stuffed moose toys. We didn’t buy one of those for our grandchild, who hadn’t been born yet, but we did buy a plastic plate and cup set with the plate like moose head with the antlers, and antler handles on the cup. It was cute. But you really can’t go wrong with a stuffed animal especially one that has a connection with the country you have been visiting. It will be inexpensive, easy to pack, and kids love them.

Thank You, indeed I spend a lot of time holding some cute stuffed toys. Although I didn’t found reindeers, they are still cute.

Books? Even cooler if they are in a language other than what baby is learning, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Really? What kind of books (colouring/stories)? And you still think it is cool as all books are in Finnish which the baby is unlikely to ever speak?

Do they have books like this? They just have a photo and the word naming what is in the photo. I would have thought it was really cool for my kids to get a book like this from another country. But I am kind of a nerd. :nerd: :wink:

I don’t know that I would get a story book though if the parents don’t know the language.

Stuffed toys From IKEA are particularly good for a very important reason: the can be put in the washing machine with the rest of the childs laundry.
many of them can even go in the tumble dryer.
Ikea’s child and family area is normally right by the entrance.

As a parent I can testify to the importance of that.

Another widely available make of toys is Lamaze they aren’t washable but otherwise are very high quality and educationally excellent for various stated developmental stages.

Another gift that is always welcome is clothes. Again make sure they can go in the dryer. And buy the next size up from the child’s current age. So for a 18th old buy clothes in the 2 -3 years age bracket not the 18-24 month size. Unless it’s too be worn on an immediate special occasion.

At 18 months a baby is also ready for loss of books. There are lovely pop up and pull tab action books. Lift the flap books. Touchy felt books or bedtime sorry books.
No child can have to many books while there’s space in the home to keep them.

You can’t go wrong with stuffed animals. Little girls collect them. Plus, they pack light.

Be practical.

There are some nice sets you.can put in a basket: size 4, 5, or 6 diapers, a bath towel with an animal hoodie (to grow into), Johnsons baby lotion and soap, and DESITIN. :slight_smile:

Stuffed toy representing the Country is certainly good, I bought my niece a child’s miraculous medal, that I know she will have when she gets older and she can wear it as a bracelet.

I vote for a cute stuff animal. So long as it’s safe for that age (ie, no button eyes or anything else that could be pulled off and choked on). As long as it’s age appropriate, or something that can be put up to be added to an “collection” of stuff for when the child is older.

I vote for a stuffed animal, too. Children love something to cuddle. It is light and easy to carry on in a gift bag, just don’t forget it on the plane, train, or other travel way.

When my father travels, he brings back brochures and pamphlets in other languages. I love them and think they’re fascinating. My current favorite is an instructional booklet on how to pray the rosary in Italian. :smiley: A children’s book would be pretty simple (and also easy to translate). Board books are great for very young children - the pages don’t tear and you can clean them easily.

if you have limited space in your luggage, I would say I agree with others - some board books (books with cardboard like covers) or a stuffed animal that is “Safe for all ages” (e.g. no button eyes). You may have to contact your brother to ask if there is anything special they would like - or maybe ask what books she already has if you go that direction.

Wow. Thank You all. Great advices. I will be buying a safe stuffed toy, some clothes and a book with basic Finnish will also bring a lot of fun :D. I also saw some cute tableware.

And thank You so much for reminding me of IKEA. As it is a bit out of town I was forgetting about it, but tomorrow I am getting all this stuff there. Amazing ideas.

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