help on Christian influenced Passover


I have been invited to a Passover seder meal on Holy Thurday. There is no problem with the host to include Christian influences. Does anyone know of any special prayers or traditions for Catholics to have during this meal?

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The Seder’s don’t fall on HolyThursday this year. Is your host Jewish? Just wondering.

I have no idea how to answer your question. But I found this link which should be helpful.


The host is…I guess technically Jewish, but I don’t think she practices or seems to have much knowledge of the faith. I know her husband is Catholic and suggested having a seder meal on Holy Thursday. I know nothing of the dates of traditional Passover. I know this will be an inter-faith meal so I was just curious what I could bring to the table. This seems to be a very interesting evening with all these people who don’t seem to know what they’re doing, but who am I to judge. haha.
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I learned (yesterday) that Christian seder’s are celebrated (when the celebrate) three days before Easter. So that’s probably why he’s having it on Holy Thursday. Have fun.



The passover meal ***is ***the beginning of Christ’s passion. Now what theological understandings you would have going in I don’t know because I don’t know enough Jewish theology. (I started another thread.) Would it be an intellectual thing, done to better understand your heritage or get a better context of Christ’s passion, or would it be something more?

But the prophecy of the meal to any Christian is obvious. Being Catholic I would instinctively want to go by the rubrics, (even though what the rabbis recorded may not be exactly how things were done 30 years before the fall at least you have something.) I would go by the Jewish rubricks and then you could probably write your own reflections on each event and add them on after each action, so as not to compromise the original, but to expand upon its meaning.

As during the passover the Israelites are delivered from the slavery of Egypt by direct intervention of God, through Christ’s passion we are freed from cruel sin and death. Everything from the bitter herbs representing the painful toil which it took Adam to bring forth food after the fall, to the salt water representing the tears of the daughters of Jerusalem on Jesus’ journey to Golgotha. Being Catholic the bread and the wine are obvious, and how during mass we actually eat the Lamb of God. Just pray about it and so much will probably come to you.

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