Help on Propitiation as pertaining to the Sacrifice of the Mass



Can someone help me find a high level Catholic refutation (book or material, so I can study it) on the theme of Propitiation as it pertains to the extent of Christ’s atonement? I friend a mine has used an argument similar to Dr. Gary D. Long’s article found at this link . I am preparing a response to this friend and would like to provide to him a quality response.

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Highly recommended.


The article in the opening post looks tricky to me. Dr. Long is, I think, a Presbyterian refuting Calvinism. Why butt in?

Shop around here:

Justification and Salvation




Thank you for your replies. I started re-reading “Not by Bread Alone” which I actually have. I wanted to see what else is out there.

PS. JPusateri, do you have the CASB Bible, if so how do you like it.

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