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Hello I’m a 15 y/o protestant and I’ve been attending mass for 5 weeks and have found it to be a very beautiful and peaceful thing to attend. For about 8 week I have been clear of common misconceptions concerning Catholicism (such as “they worship Mary/saints/statues/bread/etc.”) and have been learning about why Catholics believe some things they do and have yet to find a flaw in teaching although I haven’t gone in depth. I’d certainly like to learn more about Catholicism as so far what I’ve learned is true. I most likely wouldn’t be able to talk to a priest or someone about the RCC to learn more as my father doesn’t like me talking to strangers and I don’t think he has a positive view of Catholicism; (all I’ve heard about it from him is that it’s “pagan”) if I were to ask him and he didn’t approve he’d probably not let me attend mass. I need advice on how to learn more about the Catholic Church and move forward spiritually without risking losing my privilege to attend mass. Thank you!


A very good book for you to read would be Scott Hahn’s “Rome Sweet Home.” Christ came to earth not only to die for our sins, but to establish His Holy priesthood, His church on earth. He is Emmanuel, He is with us, and, He is a king. We recognize the significance of the Last Supper at such a crucial and intimate moment, right before His death.

And we also believe the body is holy and good. The body is good. It breaks my heart that protestants are without the body. The body of Mary, the Body of the Eucharist, the body of the church, and Christ’s suffering body on the crucifix.


Your parents - do allow you - to go to mass !
How wonderful ! :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to move along at a turtle pace - at this point.

Me ?
I recommend you watch this movie -


I don’t usually contribute on this forum but having read your post, I’d like to do so now! The fact that you are following up your interest in Catholicism means you are responding to a grace from God. (Such inspirations are not our own doing). The most important thing at this stage is to remember that obedience to our superiors is a very important part of Catholicism. That means that we must be obedient to those in authority over us, provided they are not asking us to do something we know to be against the law of God. E.G. if someone in authority over you told you to go and rob a shop, then obviously you are not bound to do that!

So my advice would be first, not to do anything which your parents don’t give permission for, as long as you are under their authority. If you find that difficult, offer it up to God and ask Our Lady to take care of you and help you and try to bear it patiently. It’s a cross which can be united to Christ’s. In the meantime keep praying.

If you are allowed, why not get a Catechism, so you can learn more? I’d recommend a traditional one such as the Baltimore Catechism 1-4. Perhaps you could get the first 3 and work through them to start with. They’re available on Amazon. Be open about it. If you need to (all families are different!) ask your parents if that would be OK - you don’t want to go down the route of hiding things from them and they might sneak a look and start reading it themselves.

Luke 2: 49And he said to them: How is it that you sought me? did you not know, that I must be about my father’s business? 50And they understood not the word that he spoke unto them. 51And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them. And his mother kept all these words in her heart.

So even Christ, although His Father’s work came first, made himself subject to his parents in all other ways. If you think of it like that, it’ll be easier.

I’ll include you and your family on my prayer list!! Please pray for me and for my husband.


I am so so so glad that you are coming to mass and starting to embrace the catholic faith despite not believing by catholic (and young!). God bless you!

Allow me to direct you to the website of Fr. Ripperger, a Traditional Catholic Priest (perhaps one of the most famous traditionalists). It’s called Sensus Traditionis here it is here:

Anything you want to know about the Catholic Faith you can probably find there. He has a series of sermons about the very topic you’re asking about. He has hundreds of other sermons about other similar and relevant topics.

I’ll pray for you and your journey to the One True Faith.


Well interestingly enough for cases like this one there’s the Internet… information at your fingertips! Just Google the Catechism of the Catholic Church it is online and it is the best place to start.


Here it is! :grinning:


I shall pray for you. Just yesterday my Father randomly brought up how Catholics are idolaters because they “worship” the saints (probably not random but rather because I have a CCC from the library which I leave out in the open though) and I explained that they don’t but rather they ask for their intercession and that this is supported by Revelation 4:8 and “Lazarus and the rich man” from like and he said that he understands better now. We ended up talking for 45 minutes about Christianity. (Catholicism, the reformation, Second Vatican Council) Apparently, he didn’t know very much about Catholicism at all. In the end, he asked what my opinion of the Catholic Church was and I said I think Catholicism is good which he didn’t get upset about. I think this is a start though if I were to ask him about RCIA I probably wouldn’t be able to join this next year as he’d want me to be making a wise and informed decision and might be reluctant to let me make such a choice prior to being completely clear of all the common misconceptions regarding the Catholic faith. Thanks For your response!


Having recently returned to the Traditional Catholicism of my very young years and trying now to repair the spiritual damage of decades in the NO Church, I would sincerely recommend that, if you are able and have access to one, that you visit either an SSPX, FSSP or ICK Priest to discuss it all - or any Traditional Priest. That might be difficult (but don’t let anyone persuade you that the SSPX aren’t in communion with Rome or are heretics - it ain’t true!!). This would give you access to traditional (and correct) Catholic dogma/doctrine. Sooner or later the Church will return to Tradition anyway, in God’s own time. In the meantime, take a look at which is an organization for young Catholics who favour Traditional Catholicism. Glad to read that your father is discussing it with you. You’re obviously doing a lot of reading and research so do look into the Traditional Church and the reasons why VII and the NO Church are problematic. Good luck and prayers!


That sounds very healthy, being able to have the little conversations like that… it can be very daunting to have someone say something challenging, and then try and use it as an opportunity for education! It’s so much easier to be quiet and not make waves. :slight_smile: The fact that you were able to do that makes me very happy for you! I wish you the best on your path. :heart:


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