Help please pray for my long lost brother and grandfather


help i need you to help me pray for my brother death and my big brother name was Richard Anthony D. he died in november 18,2006 , he got shot in the head (it was gang related) in highland the dollar tree store by wal*mart and my grandfather died in the hospital he feel in the dailasis and he died in a comma he passed away in november 24/25,2006 a week later after my brother they didnt know that they both passed away it hurts my mom becouse my brother was a miricle baby so thats why i hurts my mom and my family

so please pray for the family so my mom and our family can recover from all this pain and god can send us all of his serenity thank you and god bless you i love you all


Praying your family finds peace…
I’m so sorry for your loss…


I will pray for your family.


Will say an All Souls chaplet for them both.


Welcome to CAF and our prayers are with the family. May they find the comfort they need and peace come to them through the love of family, friends, and deep faith.




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