I am going to be attending a confirmation for two boys, one is 14 the other 15. I need help with the gift:confused:. I have no idea what would be good to get them for their confirmation gifts. I was thinking a book about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and something else, but I’m not sure if they’ll read it:shrug:.

Please bombard me with ideas and suggestions:D :thumbsup:. I want to get them something fun along with something spiritually nourishing, especially because of their ages.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated, it’s in a couple of weeks, so I have a little bit of time to find the right “gift”:D, thank you all.


Having spent lots of time around teenage boys…

I’d suggest this Bible


This book

or one of these shirts


I was going to suggest money. That’s what everyone does here, and it seems to be teenagers favourite gift. :wink: But the book about Bl. Pier Giorgio sounds like a really great idea or maybe a book about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Unless you know the guys are readers, books (other than a Bible) are probably not the best gift – when my teens were confirmed it’s the last thing they would have wanted.

Money is always welcomed by a teenager. When the youngest son was confirmed his sponsor gave him a chain. Just a short, manly looking one. He wore it for years.


I gave each of my godsons nice medals of their patron saint. One was on a chain, but the other was close to driving age, so I found a really nice patron saint on a keychain. Both were precious metals (gold and platinum). They both still have them and wear/ use them.

Their mother, my very best friend, gave my son jewelry from James Avery. She’s very big on Holy Spirit anything, so he received a very nice Holy Spirit medal on a chain.


Love love LOVE James Avery.

My teen son would not be caught dead wearing jewelry of any kind, he is a reader, so, he appreciates books. Different kids and all that.

DS favorite confirmation gift was a 3rd class relic of his patron Saint. He treasures that.


For most boys this age, religious books will only gather dust. I would second the idea of a patron saint medal. Another item of “jewelry” that seems to be popular among both boy/girls of this age is a sterling silver or stainless steel “dog-tag” shaped item on a chain with an inspirational quote/word, etc. engraved on it.


I got my son a wooden box with the Prayer of St Francis on the lid. He puts his change and stuff from his pockets in it. He loved it… but then, his patron saint is St Francis.


This is a great idea – unless you can’t find a medal for their patron saint. (Mine is St. Seraphina. I looked EVERYWHERE. If anyone knows where to get one, let me know!) I wear a crucifix my brother gave me and have several saints’ medals on it – they are blessed, and all important saints to me, and I feel safer with them on. (:

Another option would be to give them a gift certificate to a Christian bookstore or Christian apparel store. I know my brother would appreciate something like this. It’s an alternative to money that they can spend just anywhere, and will allow them to choose a T-shirt or book or piece of jewelry they might be interested in.

Before you give them a rosary or Bible, be sure the church doesn’t give them one. That’s what our church gave us – a Bible and a rosary. Admittedly it is nice to have more than one rosary, but still!

Edit: You could also get them a gift certificate to a store online. Some make it possible to do that. Usually there’s a button or some sort of ad on the front page that lets you know whether you can buy a gift certificate for the online store. This will definitely broaden your options – there are several good Catholic sites that sell apparel, books, rosaries, crucifixes, saints’ medals, etc., etc., etc.!


my standard suggestion is a good Sunday missal the kind with both the order of the Mass and the readings, and a good set of prayers in the back, and instruction on how to use it.


Do they publish those with the 3 cycles of readings? I’m only used to the Novalis “Sunday Missal” which is published every year.

I would love a Missal but I don’t think I’d spend big money on one right now when the ordinary of the Mass is going to change soon (by the end of next year according to someone on the ICEL translation team). In Canada we’ll be getting a new Lectionary too.

Every time I think “Missal” I think back to my childhood and how I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get one of the big black Missals with zippered cover that most of the adults carried. Then Vat. II happened and I never saw a ‘permanent’ Missal again. People got so used to having the disposable “Living with Christ” at the back of the church every Sunday that they never considered getting a permanent Missal.



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