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Hi all,

I have a video on YouTube called ‘Quick Refutations: Mary Worship’. I made it, but it’s not very good.

Anyway, I got a lot of comments today about how ‘The RCC is the Whore of Babalyon’ (sp.) etc. Very anti-Catholic comments.

So if anyone here has a YouTube account I would appreciate if they could respond to this guy. If not, I’ll get to it later I guess (I’m just short on time and these attacks are very anti-Catholic. I usually ignore stuff like this, but this is an exception).

Also, I did want to vent. It makes me so sad when people abuse the Church in ways like this. (we wroship the SUN on SUNday. Yeah ok). But still, to slander Christ’s Church in this way is just… :frowning: :frowning: it makes me very sorrowful. What do others do if they run into this? How is such hatred handled?

Video name: Quick Refutations: Mary Worship
User: Onecatholicchurch

thank you very much to anyone who responds to these attacks. But thank you for also listening to me express my thoughts on this all :slight_smile: I just needed to get it out there.


If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my effort responding to the guy.

He obviously has a lot of time on his hands, none of which he has spent learning anything useful–and he’s not about to start now. I did give his comments a bunch of thumbs-down votes, though.

srlucado is right, don’t let that stuff bother you. There are millions out there like him. Our job is to pray for them, and of course to love them per Jesus’ command.

Thx for spreading the truth about Our Lady. Keep up the good work, keep the Faith ! :wink:

Amen. Pray for the poor guy. But seriously just reading it made me mad. I’m normally a cool headed type, but don’t you dare call my mom a harlot! :mad: Oh well I guess he’s the Jack Chick type. :frowning:

If we worship Mary, why do we ask her to PRAY FOR US?
Mary, herself, said: “…For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed” Luke 1:48. Does his denomination give her any honour?

These anti-Catholics have to be challenged, so i cant agree with the other posters. Of course we should pray for them, but we also have to challenge them to their faces. Otherwise, they think that the Church has no answer to their accusations, and they keep going on with their lies. It should be pointed out to them that IF they continue spreading these lies after theyve been told the truth, then they will have to answer to Almighty God, Himself, for propagating SLANDER.

Is this individual a Seventh Day Adventist? Your “SUNday” made me wonder. Whatever denomination he belongs to, itll have its "soft underbelly". As well as being able to defend the Catholic Faith, ive found it handy to know the weak points of her foes. The outright LIES that they hurl at us are easy to refute if we know our Faith. In other words: fight fire with fire by forcing THEM to defend themselves, along with their slanderous lies!!! HIT `EM HARD! Of course, we have to try to do it in a charitable way; but also in a forceful way.

Not long ago, i embarrassed a Jehovah Witness (an ex-Catholic!) by asking him to explain why there are 30,000+ denominations, each claiming to be the true one.

Quoting just Bible verses isn`t enough…After seeing some of the threads on CAF where this is done, where neither side can claim “conclusive victory” over the other after days of Scripture verse slinging, we have to go beyond that. Remind these anti-Catholics that Satan, himself, can quote Scripture: he tempted our Lord in the wilderness by quoting it.

This whole thing is a God-given opportunity for us Catholics to get off our tails and to show the world what we`re made of.

Sorry…i`d never have been able to have a career as a diplomat!

YouTube + Catholicism = BAD IDEA

But great determination all the same

I think this website has an article on how the RCC can’t possibly be the WoB. Maybe you could link him up

Ever heard of a user named Bingolly1?
Look through his videos and you’ll find some nice info debunking the “Whore of Babylon” myth.

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