Help Please


When I was speaking after confession tonight, i was speaking with my brother when I accidentally used the term that would be considered in vain against God. It slipped out and I felt really guilty about it, I don’t think I meant it and I am trying to break away from the habit. Please help if this is a severe sin?


The way you present it, it sounds like it was without full knowledge and consent. It “slipped” out – so it wasn’t like you were thinking, “God I know you’re not going to like this but I’m going to say it anyway” and then said it.

That said, consider doing more inner work and why it is your “subconscious” or whatever you call that part of you that acts before your conscious intent can stop it, feels the need to make those sorts of remarks. This would be an effort to “be perfect” as Jesus says to be. I’m not saying it was a serious sin; just that if you behaved in a way that you weren’t happy with there are ways of trying to root that out. Unfortunately I don’t know of a formula or a sure-fire method at this time.

Perhaps consider contemplative practices whereby you try to reduce the “noise” in your head so that the Divine Therapist, aka the Holy Spirit, can get in past the noise and help reconnect your circuits.



Well stated.


I wasn’t really thinking at the time nor would I want to insult God. The intent of saying it wasnt in any kind of context against God, it was a mishap that was accidental.


as much as I have learned, if something happens unintentionally, without your consent, then it is not a mortal sin, even if the action itself would be sinful.


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