help...praying together with family is hard!

Hi everyone!

I was wondering. My family is basically Cafeteria Catholic. I’ve been trying to evangelize to them with gentleness and in charity, through respectful admonitions, through example (and persistent in constant failure of those things!) but I never realized how important it is that we actually pray together. wow. go figure! took me long enough to figure that out.

we pray before meals, which is nice, but that’s pretty much the only time and we don’t eat together often. we don’t even go to Mass together on Sundays. Only my mom goes, and most of the time she goes at a different time than I do.

So, starting prayer together as a family. Do you have recommendations? Something simple and nothing too hardcore. I thought of rosary together as a family, but that was hard for me even after I was newly converted/reverted.

I was thinking night prayer together, with spontaneous prayer, and a short Bible passage. What do you think?

Please, this is really important to me. :slight_smile:

(and thank you.)

(cross posted to get as much help as possible!)

You’re 2 steps ahead of my family. I would say my family is just about atheist except for myself. At least yours prays before meals and your mom still goes to mass. I can’t even get anyone to go to mass on Christmas or Easter. That’s pretty sad (and depressing)

I have two suggestions, have a mass said for each of them and maybe get “Green Scapulars” for them (have them blessed and say the associated prayer for them).

Continue praying and trust the Lord will lead them back to His Church.

“You’re 2 steps ahead of my family. I would say my family is just about atheist except for myself. At least yours prays before meals and your mom still goes to mass. I can’t even get anyone to go to mass on Christmas or Easter. That’s pretty sad (and depressing)”

I know how you feel, except my family is not atheist. My father is Jewish and my mother is Russian Orthodox. When I was a kid, my mother baptized without telling my father and when we came to this country, i wasn’t raised as anything. My father was very set against Christianity and I spent my college years in an orthodox jewish community. When i went to law school something within me changed and I accepted Christ as my savior. It took so much strength to tell my father that I was a Christian, that there must have been some divine intervention when I did. But things are still hard. I am very involved with the russian and catholic churches here in the area but I don’t talk to either one of my parents about it because religion and faith are so hard for them to accept ( i think it is the russian upbringing.) I really wish my parents went to church and i was so jealous of people whose families went to church for christmas and easter. It is nice to know that I’m not alone. :o

wow. so many broken families… but glory to God for putting loving Catholics in them! Thanks for your suggestion wcknight, it sounds like a really good one, and I will pray for you and aborodki’s families. always remember… with God, anything is possible. :slight_smile:

My dear friend

I would advise you to preach by example and answer questions well when asked. If you set a great example they will be watching and it may take a while but they will quiz you. In addition to the example pray a lot but especially make lots of sacrifices for them. Sacrifice is very important. You will be winning much grace for them and eventually some may accept the grace and wallah- a conversion. My family were all pagan and are all practising now. One is a protestant at present though - but still practising. We’ve seen so many conversions amongst family, friends and acquaintances it’s not funny. Sacrifice yourself for them. And pray or read the bible if you can with them. Souls perish because no one prays and makes sacrifices for them.

I will pray for you all
God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I started praying with my children now that I have been embracing my faith more now than ever…My kids are young so we say grace before dinner even if my husband gets home late and i feed the kids early, I’ll sit with them and say grace…Than, at bedtime, since they are little, we say simple prayers, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and than we pray for someone in need…If you do it every night, they like it as part of a routine…

John Russell Jr,

How do you make " a sacrifice" for them? Also, can I leave something in my parent’s house that would ward off evil?–like a statute of St. Joseph. It has to be small though, i would have to hide it in a jar or behind an electric chimney. :o

“Sabriner” John has given you some excellent advice here. I think it was St. Francis of Assisi who said… “Preach the Gospel always. And if you must, use words”. :wink:

Living your faith life, right out in the open for them to see… is the surest way to witness to the faith. God in His own time, will take care of the rest. I learned long ago, that you can’t “force” it. But there is HOPE. My younger sister returned to the faith, this past Easter after 30 years away. So, keep praying for your family. Never become discouraged. :hug1:

I will keep you and your family in my prayers, too. God bless.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and suggestions. I always forget that sacrifice is always the best prayer. I have witnessed “small” miracles on account of them… I have hope that soon we’ll be praying together.

My dear friend

It’s just volutary self denial. Wait 5 mins before eating when your starving, make yourself a little thirsty, be charitable when it’s hard, colder water when you wash, do things well in your work, study, family duties and everything in your day and do it now and not later and offer up the sacrifice, go without little things, be a slave to all as Jesus says, Do more prayer even if its hard. Look for ways to sacrifice. Bishop Fulton Sheen took it one step further and used to even ask God to send him a little trouble for a soul. If your game you can try this. Sacrificial love is the highest form of love, this is the love we see in God as He hang on the Cross in agony dying for us. It is divine love. The miraculous medal is the best to hide around the home. Make sure there blessed though. I’ll keep your family in my prayers. I’ll pray to the Sweet Lady of Fatima for you all. Hope it helps.

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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