Help... praying together with family is hard!


Hi everyone!

I was wondering. My family is basically Cafeteria Catholic. I’ve been trying to evangelize to them with gentleness and in charity, through respectful admonitions, through example (and persistent in constant failure of those things!) but I never realized how important it is that we actually pray together. wow. go figure! took me long enough to figure that out.

we pray before meals, which is nice, but that’s pretty much the only time and we don’t eat together often. we don’t even go to Mass together on Sundays. Only my mom goes, and most of the time she goes at a different time than I do.

So, starting prayer together as a family. Do you have recommendations? Something simple and nothing too hardcore. I thought of rosary together as a family, but that was hard for me even after I was newly converted/reverted.

I was thinking night prayer together, with spontaneous prayer, and a short Bible passage. What do you think?

Please, this is really important to me. :slight_smile:

(and thank you.)

(cross posted to get as much help as possible!)


:thumbsup:Hi Sabriner,

First of all, I just wanted you to know your post was an answer to a prayer. I am praying to become more like you mention… better at family prayer. I, too have been used to praying alone, and realizing my family and I have not not benefitted as I would like. We recently returned from a retreat in Alabama that I prayed and prayed and prayed for us to go to which was a miracle!. One of the first things I read in the booklet I was given was that we must grow together in holiness,and it struck me I was going about it all wrong. I purchased a book Words from Heaven and in it the Blessed Mother tells the visionaries how to pray. She often has pleaded for family prayer, especially the rosary.Take heart, the visionaries started slowly, too and they say the same to us. It must be gradual in order for it to stick, so to speak. One thing that struck me that I read that want to try is to spend five minutes daily honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus.I’ve read one of the promises of the Sacred Heart is that He will bless families in which the Sacred heart is honored. You may want to try that. I want to!. Here is the web site of the community that had the retreat I mentioned :
God Bless you and your efforts. Remember : peace and family go hand in hand.


I can relate! We live next door to my parents. My mom is Catholic, and will always consider herself catholic, but doesn’t really go to Mass on Sunday anymore. Strong believer in God and her faith… just not big on practicing it so outwardly. My dad is a not practicing Southern Baptist.

We eat family dinner together A LOT. Usually a few times out of the week. My husband and I find this is a nice way to slowly work in prayer as a family. Even if it is the quick “Bless us oh Lord and these gifts…” meal prayer, it is something!

And just keep praying for them. :slight_smile:

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