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My friend is sincerely searching Catholicism. She has asked for a book on the Church Fathers. She is basically studying whether the Church still has the authority Jesus gave it… Is there a book to help us understand what comprises “Sacred Tradition?” Who are these Church fathers and what’s their authority? How does the Church decide what is true v. heretical today?

Should I just have her read the Catechism? Well, I should at some point, but is there something more concise, easier to read?

Thanks for your suggestions.


see here:

**The Faith of the Early Church Fathers **
**by William A. Jurgens **
3 Volumes

An excellent Catholic Apologetic book, The Faith of the early Church Fathers - William A. Jurgens, ed - is a source of theological and historical passages from the writings of the early Fathers to the end of the Patristic age. The complete set has 3 volumes, and are broken into different time frames:
Volume 1 – The Pre-Nicene and Nicene eras
Volume 2 – The Post-Nicene era through St. Jerome
Volume 3 – St. Augustine to the end of the patristic period Note: The price for Volume 3 is $20.95.



Four Witnesses by Rob Bennett


Try early church doctrines by Kelly. He is not a Catholic, but he objectively presents what the early church fathers believed (e.g. Catholicism) :smiley:


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