Help Put The Ban On Homosexual Marriage


The voters are going to decide whether homosexuals can marry or not in California. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We need you to vote against homosexual marriage. We need your prayers for this vote. We need your prayers for California. Pray and vote. Vote and pray.

Homosexual marriage is wrong. The Church dose not support it. So Catholics cannot support it. One way to support something is through silence. Don’t be silent on this issue!

The future of American families depend on this vote. We need to show America that we do not support sin. We need to show America that we are Catholic and we are not afraid to be Catholic. We need to show our love and fidelity to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

He died for us. He died for homosexuals. Don’t let them have the right to sin. Don’t let sin be legalized. Show them mercy and love by voting against homosexual marriage. Jesus loves them and dose not want them to commit sin - neither should we!

So I urge you, I implore you, for the sake of Jesus’ sorrowful Passion, to help us put the ban on homosexual marriage. It is disgusting. It is sinful. It is contrary to the Church’s teachings. And if it is legalized it will hurt America.

For more on homosexual marriage, see this article:


I checked your link, and if I understand correctly the proposed amendment is not so much anti gay as defining marriage for the purpose of the state as one man and one woman. Good for y’all.

I’m sure big money coming out of the San Francisco area will be poured out state wide to defeat the amendment, I hope that doesn’t happen.


Where in the Bible does it say that homosexual marriage is wrong? If the world were homosexual and heterosexual marriage were the minority, would you like this bill passed? Besides, marriage is only a legal term.


I have a friend on a Yu-Gi-Oh forum who is Gay he is normal


Life does not come from homosexuality

That’s why its bad


The world would not survive long, that’s for sure. And don’t give me that everyone would be able to have artificial insemination to propagate. That’s against natural law as well.


And this makes it bad… why? It’s love, probably even stronger than heterosexual love due to the immense persecution homosexuals face.


How does intense persecution make this “love” stronger?

In any case, it’s in the Bible that man should not lie with man like a man lies with woman.

It’s one thing for non-Christians to scoff at religious reasons for opposing homosexuality, but Christians should not ignore Church teachings or scripture on this.




So basically what you’re saying is love is evil when body parts are the same? I’m not buying…

The institution of marriage pre-dates reliable recorded history and Christianity. Trying to hijack it for yourself and then forbid it to others that don’t meet your criteria doesn’t seem moral.

Many religious texts do not support the marrying of someone who does not share the same beliefs. It seems like that could include a lot of people on this board. Do you feel that should be banned as well? Marriage between different races used to be forbidden. I hope you don’t agree with that one anymore.

I would like to think your entire marital viewpoint in based on more than the literal translation of 3300 year old scriptures.


Actually it is the homosexual advancement groups that are trying to hijack marriage. Marriage is a well established practice between man and woman. The religious community should essentially have a copy right on this term.


We can start here:

Mt 19:5-6 - leave father & mother, join wife, 2 become 1 flesh
Mk 10:7-12 - what God joined together, no man separate
Eph 5:22-32 - union of man & wife image of Christ & Church
Heb 13;4 - let marriage be honored among all

Gn 1:27 - complementarity of sexes reflects God’s inner unity
Gn 2:21-24 - transmission of life through total self-donation - one flesh
Gn 19 - original sin deteriorates to Sodom’s sin, destroyed
Lv18:22 - called abomination, cut off from people (v.29)
Lv 20;13 - both shall be put to death for abominable deed
Rom 1;27 - called unnatural, shameful, and a perversity
1Cor 6:9 - active homosexuals won’t inherit kingdom of God
1Tim 1:9-10 - those who engage in such acts called sinners


Now we can go forward and ask what was God’s very first institution? Marriage between one man and one woman.


Why is this a debate?
I assume when when joins CAF one is Catholic and/or should know or want to know basic catechism
If not Catholic, be open to what the Church teaches.
Listen to what the Church teaches not some silly media hype

good grief! :shrug:


We have been through this before. But lets revisit.

Homosexuals are NOT being persecuted in this country.

Milllions and millions (my best Carl Sagan immitation) have been awarded by courts to people that are the victims of bias corporations and govt agencies that are guilty of discrmination by way of sex, gender, and religion. What do you think happens if Microsoft fires someone for just being gay? We all KNOW the answer to that.

If a bunch a thugs beat down a gay man, I expect the law to deal with it the same way as if it was me. But NO, y’all wanna give the the guys guilty of gay beat down, something extra. Why is that? Is it worse just because he’s gay? The whole notion is silly, but that is the agenda of activists.

Independence said-

And this makes it bad… why? It’s love, probably even stronger than heterosexual love due to the immense persecution homosexuals face.

I’m not gonna let this go unchallenged, now you tell us where gays are being persecuted in this country?

-Most Catholic don’t give a hoot what gays do behind close doors, (well we do, but thats on the spiritual side) where we have a problem is when a group, with a minority opinion tries to redfine what a marriage is. It is a man and a woman. Now the good folks out in California have to resort to a *constitutional *amendment to prevent a bunch of activists with their allies on the court, from ramming it down their throat, that a marriage can be anyone of several things.

And while I’m on a roll, it wasn’t long ago, a bunch of kooks tranvestites, gays and lesbians, dressed like who knows what, invaded a parish in San Francisco and lined up for communion, putting the priests there in a very bad position. I mean these people made the cantinia scene in Star Wars look like regular folks! And NOT one person in the gay community condemned the action. I wasn’t even there, but as a Catholic I was bigtime offended.

You can see the news report of the incident here.

Now the folks out in California are tired of the gay agenda being piled on them, and I’m glad to see them take matters in their own hands, and if they need support all they gotta do is ask the rest of us.


If marriage does pre-dates recorded history and Christianity, is there any proof that such marriage include same sex unions?


Sure - in the beginning God said to Adam and Arnie go forth and multiply. Well not much happened. Then God said - this ain’t gonna work. Time for plan B. :wink:




I’ve often wondered about his too. I’ve seen a lot of comments on this forum that conflict with or outright defy the teachings of the Catholic Church and I don’t understand why. Shouldn’t a Catholic forum reflect Catholic views?


Absolutely true, however, that would be a discussion for another thread. I guess until then, we have to pray that people will come to understand the church’s view on homosexual lifestyles.

The church says, God is love…and everyone who is begotten by God knows God. So the greatest form of love is to want the person or persons we love get to heaven. Everything we do, say, think should bring them & us closer to God. Inherently causing someone to sin…and being homosexual is not the sin…acting on that homosexuality, not being chaste leads someone away from heaven. So if someone is homosexual, then he/she should want the best for the one we claim to love…and loving them…means wanting them to get to heaven. Causing another to sin by being unchaste is the reverse of loving them…it is condemning them.
It’s a great burden not to express that love in a physical way( and that’s not isolated to just homosexuals,but heterosexuals who are not in a sacramental marriage too), but it is a great gift to that person when we instead do everything to get them to heaven.

The truth definition of love is defined this way…
Corinthians 13

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